Bethesda is Rebooting Doom 4 Development

Despite Doom 4 having been in development since sometime in 2008, Bethesda has announced that a "new version," is in the works, after it was decided that the previous five years of work were too mediocre to continue with.

According to some, the game had become very Call of Duty like, with lots of big set pieces with waves of enemies running towards the player and there was the obligatory driving scene where the AI drives the character along while they man a big gun of some kind mounted on the back. You know, the usual fair.

It had apparently got so bad that many developers were calling it Call of Doom.

The problem, according to one Kotaku source, is that while developer id software has a lot of talented people, its management structure was too distracted by Rage development, release and subsequent DLC offerings. Now that those people have come back around to Doom 4 development, they've realised something is horribly wrong.

Ultimately though, it sounds like everyone is pleased with the idea of a reboot of the game, which is likely to be a rehash of Doom 2's story, in the same as Doom 3, was a remake of Doom 1 - just with slightly less corridors.

What do you guys think of this new revelation about Doom 4? Happy? Sad? Whatever you feel though, it seems unlikely we'll be seeing anything of Doom 4 for the next few years.

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There are so many amazing

There are so many amazing artists and developers out there these days. The hardware can now support it, why they still making CoD clones? Let the artists go mad, and do what they do best. I am so glad that Bethesda is making the devs restart it. And what is this 5 years bull? They should be able to whip it up in a couple years, they have the money...get the team and do it.

I traded d3 in for HL2, no

I traded d3 in for HL2, no regrets, D3 was crap imo, i neared the end and was like... **** this crap, its all the same bs. Theres was a deal at ebgames (back then) "trade in your copy of d3 and get 50% off HL2. Well Worth it.

I'd never seen a game

I'd never seen a game rebooted that turned highly profitable.. I also remember that Splinter Cell Conviction had the same fate.. which resulted in the first bad game of the serie, which pretty much destroyed that incredible ip. It's a bit like a movie or music album that's in the work since five years.. it gets lost in time somewhere in between and feels rotten before it even comes out.

Doom 4

I can't wait for Doom 4. Loved the entire Doom franchisee. 1, 2, 3 and the works. Just make it **** real enough to make the player **** his pants. 1 was fantastic. 2 even better. 3 was graphically stunning and ahead of its time. 4 I'm pretty confident would blow people away.

Just like....

Just like how Activision dumbed down Starfleet Command 3 compared to the first two. They too wanted to attract more players to the SFC franchise instead of sticking to what mad the series popular and great in the first place.

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