BioWare: Keeping Your Mass Effect 3 Saves Is Not A Bad Idea

Mass Effect fans have become accustomed to keeping their saved game files between sequels, but why would anybody keep his Mass Effect 3 saved files after the trilogy is done?

We don't have a concrete answer yet, but Mass Effect 3 associate producer Mike Gamble said that it "wouldn't be a bad idea" to keep them.

Mass Effect 3 definitely will conclude Shepard's story, but there is also the possibility of new DLCs or another games in the same universe. We'll make sure to keep you updated with any new info that arises.

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EA you suck.

This is going to be one of the biggest pirated games of the year, no thanks to origin and the fact that its not an online game like BF3. I am beginning to wonder if EA is promoting piracy so it can pass some BS bill that would give EA more power over the people.

NO poin

What is the use for them to keep saves. its not like they take so much space, they take the least amount of all. And **** ea and origin horse **** and **** them for killing servers for a game that is at least a year old, for those of you that play sports games you know should know what I am talking about. EA no one ***** up like them and survives, how to they do it? EA is pushing to pirate games and to mod a console so that people can play trough a pc.

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