Black Mesa is Available Now

Black Mesa Source

The full (almost) source engine conversion of Valve's unforgettable first entry in the Half Life universe has now been released. Follow the download link below to download it.

The game was synced for release at 8:48am New Mexico time, because that's exactly when Gordon Freeman arrived for work.

Black Mesa features everything from the original Half Life with reimagined visuals, up until the end of the Lambda Core segment. The Xen portion of the game will be released later and is said to be almost an entire game in its own right due to additions from the development team. This freely available mod only requires you to own one source engine game on Steam in order to play.

Enjoy guys. This one's been eight years in the making. Don't rush through it too fast.

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I must say that the work they

I must say that the work they did for this mod is amazing.... nice details, really realyl well done..but... to be honoust, because they just remade a game that was a huge hit in 1998 does not help the fact that in the end this brand new mod is just as old as HL1 is. The gameplay and the structure of the game is from a long time ago that compared to game today it is actually really really boring. I did play it for a good hour, but I got bored of it because I played the original HL1 a few times already and I have absolutely no interest in it again. It is a shame because there is so much detail and so much effort in this. If they had changed the weapons, the enemies and made it like a more current game version of HL1 then I think it would be really interesting to play.

Yeah, it doesn't have nearly

Yeah, it doesn't have nearly enough soap or mc-tavish in it right? Best mod of all time. honestly, the mod is so incredibly good compared to even the newest AAA games that I'd wager the XEn expansion to the mod will be retail. If you've played half life, then you're DEFINITELY going to want to give this a go, its SPECTACULARLY well done. I'd give it a 10/10 any day, graphics are at least a 9.5, it makes you wonder where the hell all the money that companies spend on their game actually goes. 11/10.

How to play

After downloading this game i had problem running this game!!! That is the reason i am posting this!! Step by step ***no need for original game!! install Steam program then make an account!! Download the game file from this web site!! 3.7GB? While steam is running unzip the game file to default location!! click on play after installing is done!! it will automatically download The 2007 Source SDK. You need SDK to play!!! After SDK installed Go to Library in steam program. Find All games from drop down menu!! Find Black Mesa and click play!!! i think you get "Lost Coast" and Portal Prelude" like this for free!! ****The reason i did not find the game was because i was stuck on "TOOLS" in library in the drop down menu!!!

My boss is a fat lady with

My boss is a fat lady with curly hair. I've often fantasized about bathing in her filth. I'd love to relax in a tub full of her hot bubbling ***-slop while sipping on a glass of her snot. I intend to reveal my feelings for her when I know the time is right.

Eight years?

No this hasn't been 8 years in the god **** making this is just some mod of a game we've ALREADY PLAYED that by far was worse than Half Life 2 in every aspect INCLUDING STORY and is in general not that fricken amazing as other games out at the time did what Half Life did, AND BETTER. This is just some pat on the head distraction that Valve is going to soak up as an excuse and go "Yeah you got that little mod that was made why you still want half life 3 guys? Could be an even further 4 years!"

black mesa

ok black mesa wasn't developed by valve it was an independent project and iam sorry half life still stands up to many games theses days credits to the people who made this .

I agree with the fact that

I agree with the fact that Valve has been slacking on giving us another instalment to the HL series -- It's frustrating. But, considering how Valve operates, this might inspire the developers to get their ***** moving on HL 3, or at least Episode 3. This "mod" (complete remake) just might be the push the series desperately needs.

I guess not.. most countries

I guess not.. most countries doesn't speak english but Im sure you know. And even if he sounded mad for no reason and without any valid arguments, he still toke the time to type in english so others (such as you) might somehow understand his point.

So any comment anyone makes

So any comment anyone makes deserves to not get any criticism because they took the time to post it? No. I'm sorry but everything he said is his opinion. The game experience is subjective so not everyone is going to have the same opinions or experiences. This team of modders seems to have done a pretty good job and I doubt that this mod release would delay HL3 anymore than the world spinning.

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