Blizzard Confirms Working On 4th WoW Expansion And Shares Details

Hours after the third World Of WarCraft expansion was launched, Blizzard's systems designer Greg Street confirmed that the fourth expansion is well underway and shared his thoughts about it.

"I think the next expansion will be something more like a new continent approach. More like the Burning Crusade or Nothrend, where we send players somewhere new that they haven't seen before," he said.

"I think the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are good now, we won't have to mess with them. There might be some small areas that may require polish or changing if things still don't feel quite right."

Furthermore, Greg revealed that design and features for the 4th expansion are "pretty close to locked in. We have a direction now but that's not to say that this is the one true path that we'll eventually deliver on."

The systems designer then acknowledged that the current rate of releasing a large expansion every two years is not enough for "a lot of WoW players". As a result, Blizzard is considering moving an 18 months release cycle or to an even more frequent release schedule for smaller expansions.

When asked if fans should expect a WarCraft IV announcement anytime in the near future, Greg made it clear that Blizzard's WarCraft team is busy working on World Of WarCraft and that the company's RTS team is busy working on StarCraft II and its two upcoming episodes, which leaves Blizzard with no resources to tackle such a project.

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we want portals back

removing portals from shatt/dalaran was the dumbest move in the history of WoW.despite what they refer to as a means to shift player focus back to the older world the only thing it has accomplished is to make it harder on non portaling classes.and if you check the servers you will find out.that the portal removal has in no way emptied out shatt or dalaran people still continue to hang out in those 2 what did taking them out actually change? NOTHING AT ALL leaving portals in the game wasnt affecting the playstyle of the players that didnt use them. so wheres the harm in allowing the ones that did use them to continue to do so?

"Highlights included

"Highlights included approximate dates for "Diablo 3" and "StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm," scheduled for Q4 2011. Also scheduled for that time period, a title called "StarCraft 2: Phoneix."

Moving on to 2012, Blizzard seems to have another "World of WarCraft" expansion scheduled for Q2 2012. They also approximate that the "World of WarCraft" movie will release in 2012 holiday.

For 2013, there's a "Diablo 3" expansion pack planned, as well as the Protoss-specific installment of "StarCraft 2," "Legacy of the Void." There's also a mysterious title listed for Q4 2013 called "Titan," which is likely to be Blizzard's long-rumored second MMO.

Lastly, in Q4 2014, there's a second "Diablo 3" expansion pack planned"

lol they are making all the money they can on WoW now, and are probably working on Diablo 3 and its 2 expansion packs, and once they are finished, they will finally release Diablo 3.


GOOD JOB GUYS! keep buying those 50 dollar expansions while in no way consider why you pay 180 dollars a year for a game. Oh what's that? you pay 15 dollars a month for them to release updates and patches? well that argument is thrown right out the window now that expansion #4 is "well underway" and will arrive in probably a year.

If you play the game for the lore, the lore ends with the lich king..

Blizzard is just laughing it

Blizzard is just laughing it up at everyone who actually wants Diablo 3. Why the hell should they ruin their revenue stream by releasing a game that might make them lose subscribers? it's a normal practice for competing companies but not the same company.

Somehow People think that a game like Diablo 3 cannot be finished because it's supposed to be the game of the millennium, but I say to those people "Blizzard has no problem popping WoW expansions and updates".

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