Blizzard Reshuffles Starcraft 2 Player Bands For Fairer Matchmaking

Blizzard Ranks

In order to make it easier for players in the lowest brackets to learn and improve their play in Starcraft II's, Heart of the Swarm multiplayer, Blizzard has shifted the number of players in each of its Bronze and Silver brackets to create narrower skill bands that should mean you end up player against people that are closer to your skill level.

The problem was apparently to do with the broad range of skillsets that could be found in the Bronze leagues, whereas those in the Gold band were much more competitive and therefore closer in skill level. This meant that new players in the Bronze bracket could end up facing off against those at the top end, which would see them quite easily dispatched. Shifting some of those higher tier Bronze players into the Silver band should fix that.

Gold has also had its player numbers bumped up, promoting a wider range of skills and also hopefully leading to more varied play. However, the super high ranks of Platinum and Grand Master will remain unchanged for now.

Blizzard said in a statement: "Following this change, Bronze players who begin to steadily improve should find it much easier to be promoted into Silver, which we feel should be an area for those who are starting to develop a foundation of understanding for the game.”

It is hoped by the publishing giant, that these changes will make the entire league more competitive.

How have you guys found the changes with Heart of the Swarm so far?

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SC2 matchmaking for me was a

SC2 matchmaking for me was a flop. I was a casual player who did not care about build orders or strategy beyond what i felt like doing. Playing mostly team games i was shot up into platinum quickly and then diamond. Without being able to score consistently among other players it felt stupid to be ranked so high, and for a long time i struggled until i simply stopped playing for months. Once my rank dropped playing was tolerable again. I play some 1v1 but still mostly team games, but i do not play regularly since i still end up too high of rank for my own good. I wonder what this will be like with un-ranked matchmaking. I think the concept of ranked was the root of my problem with the system, since it saw the number of games i was playing as a indicator i was "improving". Despite having very limited interest in perfect macro, or build orders.

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