Call Of Duty: Ghosts Runs At 720p On Xbox One And 1080p On PS4

Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin revealed that the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts would run at 720p native resolution upscaled to 1080p while the PlayStation 4 version will run at 1080p natively.

According to Rubin, no single bottleneck forced them to reduce the Xbox version's resolution. "It was more about resource allocation," he explained. "The resource allocation is different on the consoles. That huge web of tangled resources, whether it's threads-based or if it's GPU threads or if it's memory - whatever it is - optimisation is something that could go theoretically on forever."

Microsoft insists that Xbox One performance is on par with that of PlayStation 4, but today's announcement only serves to confirm everybody's suspicion that this is not entirely true.

Nonetheless, Rubin believes that they haven't tap into all Xbox One resources yet and there is still room for optimizations and improvements in subsequent titles."Look at Call of Duty 2 versus COD 4," he noted. "It was a massive leap forward in graphics, and that's just because it takes time to get through this."

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Michael J. Fucktard

WTF's with all the Micro$hit fanaticism? Does daddy work for them or something? Are you a member of the Awesome Association? Or are you some 'mericunt patriot zealot ****** who sucks a hunk of Christ after it just ****** you in the *******?


Having watched TotalBiscuit's review on the PC port... I have to say the game is garbage in quality even on the PC. So looking at that I am not surprised If PS4 had a huge issue running it.

In the world of Michael,

In the world of Michael, engineers are making games not developers. In Michael's world, call of duty is made by idiots but those same idiots are able to make the ps4 runs at 1080. A fact he is the loudest to comment, without bringing any valuable (or at all) point. A man of logic & arguments: Michael. A typical grown up man who play on a Xbox console.

xbox 1

Well if this is true then im in on ps4 but lets not forget this happened last time with the ps3 which came out 2 years after xbox and every game was faster and better on xbox!! So with that said and sonys B.S. Track record Just like Obama and the lies on health care Ill bet there bullshiting us again but I might be wrong NOT!!!!

virtually no difference.

virtually no difference. however i can tell, and it annoys me. i can play it if i dont see the higher hdmi setting though, but after i do it disgusts me. if it affects your choice in console or not is up to you, for me, it does not since i have always bought a playstation but this is not too big of a deal.

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