Candy Crush Saga Is More Profitable Than The Whole Of Nintendo

Over the last three months King's Candy Crush Saga profits was at least equal to all of Nintendo's earnings over the same period.

According to A List Daily, King has made $641 million in Q1 2014 while Nintendo only earned $411 million. That's a 56% percent difference in case you're wondering.

King is the world's largest casual and social games developer. The company focuses on developing free-to-play games for Facebook and mobiles. Its catalogue carries more than 150 games, but it has confirmed previously that Candy Crush Saga alone accounts for more than two-thirds of its profits. Interestingly, this means that Candy Crush Saga made more than $427 million last quarter, easily beating Nintendo by $16 million.

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in other related & potentially shocking news, CCS is also actually more ******* retarded than all of Nintendo as are it's patrons.

Citation needed.

I've seen Nintendo fans and they're pretty ******* retarded. You're going to need to show some research to convince people that CCS fans are even more retarded.


Problem is, crap is crap, no matter how much scrilla it makes & I think that's sorta the point of the comment. To carry on further, people vote with their scrilla, at least in most cases, & they consistently vote for crap that satisfies impulse & feeds the ADD, that's no doubt a product of drinking too much ******* Coca-Cola. Moron.

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