Capcom Asks Fans To Help In Choosing New Titles

Capcom is asking its fans for input on what games to produce next.

"We have many opinions internally and we're looking to gather some data about your buying habits and what franchises and even title types, you'd like us to make in the future," Capcom's senior vice president Christian Svensson said in a post on Capcom-Unity blog.

"There's no guarantees on what the outcomes will be," he added. "But I promise you, this data will be a factor in our decision making process. I'll be compiling the data in about a week (closing just after Christmas) and sharing the results internally with Japan before the end of the year."

The survey lists the company’s most popular franchises and asks participants how they feel about new sequels, spin-offs, HD upgrades and compilations on current and next gen platforms.

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capcom idea

Maybe something like STREET FIGHTER / SHENMUE STYLE interactive scenary and investigation type gaming including various story lines which include every street fighter player so far in a conclusion of proper story line and multiple hours of game playing.

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