Coop Was Added To Dead Space 3 Because It Was Too Scary

Despite being braised for reinventing the survival horror genre, Dead Space and Dead Space 2 sold less than 3 million units combined. EA investigated the reasons behind promising series’ underperformance and came with an interesting conclusion: The game is too scary.

With that in mind, EA’s wonderful top brass decided that the best way to make the game more “mass appealing” is to make introduce coop-play to Dead Space 3.

“We were hearing feedback that they love the thriller game, but it was pretty scary, and the obvious next step was that they wanted to play with someone. So we introduced co-op into the game,” EA Games' marketing exec Laura Miele explained.

“The horror of Dead Space is still all there,” she added. “It's still true to its roots and no less scary, but people felt far more comfortable playing it with someone else than they did doing it on their own.”

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What??? i dindt get it. maybe im blind. i cant see how a game can start to be less brutal just because some sissy gamers are scared of it !?!?!? that aint f*cking fair to us, the real horror, survival gamers.

false sense of security

they are still masters of horror namely the reoccuring false sense of security. for example in DS 2 you can buy the dlc guns MAJORLY helps if doing it on zealot and for hardcore mode to do the infinate creds. armor and guns are better version the original at no cost in store. like all guns at the start of the game. thats where they get you when you its not going to help you they´ll sneak up on you in places you least expect if you do finally be on your toes covered your parameters actually lost all sense of security. hearing about the nercomorphs in the 3rd game they BEYOND unpredictably violent even more pending on how they are killed. going to need him


Dead Space wasn't scary, Dead Space 2 wasn't scary, and I certainly doubt the original version of Dead Space 3 was scary. I mean really! Amnesia wasn't even scary! SLENDER. IS. NOT. SCARY.


Dude, if you want a game when almost ALL the time you jump out of your chair? Go play minecraft! When you're mining and you i get shot by a skeleton/ attacked by a zombie/hear a creeper/end up swimming in lava you really freak out! But if you want a game that make you fell tense because of whats happening when you're playing it, paying attention to surrive, go play amnesia, slender, dead space, firsts resident evils etc... Some people dont want this on a game, they like shotting and punching, thats why todays Re's sell much more than the old ones, we just hope that EA dont fuck mass effect


thats a rediculous reason, the games ment to be scary, i hate how in Amnesia you cant fight back and the fact itd make me more comfortable, but that doesnt mean it isnt a great game and the devs should give me guns and a co-op player because i b!tched, get over it babies


plus, Amnesia is scary as f***| and they probably didnt get alot of sells, they wont change it because of that Amnesia 2 is still going to be just as scary

Funny how all the teens here

Funny how all the teens here get worked up about this, "OMG ITS NOT SCARY YOU ". Dead space isn't too scary, EA Is just saying that to try and draw more people towards the franchise (and its even stated in the article how both games didnt sell enough) and you people take it as truth (go figure), then decide to bash the (nearly) non-existent group of people who were truly scared of the game in order to seem/feel tough. Sad...


i didnt find these games really scary.. yes there were shock moments when all of a sudden some monster pops up infront of you xD but that was what i liked on these games, too bad they are making it more like a action shooter (from what i've red on e3 thingy's)


Yeah let's coddle the weak. What will happen is the watered down garbage that will be dead space 3 will destroy the franchise and cause EA to lose more money in the long run. 3 million copies for a horror game is impressive. They should take pride in their work not water it down.


How is adding a completely optional feature, "watering it down?" If anything, that's called, "spicing it up." The statement issued by Laura Miele is a tongue in cheek way of saying, "This game is great! It hasn't sold as well as we hoped, but it's still fantastic. Bring a friend and try it out!"

Coop is hardly watering a

Coop is hardly watering a game down. If anything it makes a game more fun to play. This statement by EA is nothing more than a (poorly) vested attempt to hype the dead space series as a 'scary game' with coop. You really should stop posting your mind until you learn to read between the lines, otherwise you make yourself look bad.

Oh yes put down and bash on

Oh yes put down and bash on someone for having an opinion, because god forbid if that's his right as a human being. >.> That said I actually agree with him, and quite a few others. I was a fan of the first and second, but this third installment looks disappointing. What made the game fun was the fact that you were alone in the void of space and in a tight and enclosed environment. Adding a friend into that mix coupled with whats been already revealed gameplay wise with the game boils down to it moving away from its core, it seems. Its sad..I might skip this one, but kudos to those that still try it out.

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