Could This be what the PS4 Sort of Looks Like?


In order to upset Microsoft's debuting of the Xbox One yesterday, Sony released a video of its own hardware the day before, but it was all blurry and the only times it popped into focus, we were treated to quick snaps of very close up sections of the chassis, making it very hard to tell what was what. But that hasn't stopped some people trying. According to one Redditor, this is what it might look like.

The flat design and angular front would certainly separate it from the blocky looking Xbox One - that resembles something closer to a DVR player than a console. There's a tri-choice of materials across the top, which looks pretty unique and would be the first time we've seen something like that on a PlayStation, with the emphasis always being on one uniform coloring.

The Blu Ray drive is located right in the front, alongside the vents, which would presumably be cold air intakes, with an exhaust sitting at the top-right; as it were. That rear grill looks a bit strange and breaks the smooth lines of the system, but could be necessary for cooling purposes if this design is indeed somewhat accurate.

What do you guys think of the design? How close to the real deal do you think it is?

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For those of you who think the picture is a fake, think again. Here is the official Sony page on Youtube: youtube. com/watch?v=gdRgCQhOTco (And this time Megagames Editor don't be an ******* and remove that link, there is no need to).

Ugly MF

So UGLY !!!! I hope that this is not the look of the new PS4 console !!! This looks so bad that I would not put THIS in my living room if SONY give it to me for free ...

Better than the XONE, still

Better than the XONE, still ugly as ****. I wish we could get a real-world size comparison of them. If they were both tiny they might actually look alright - but I have a feeling they'll be as massive as their last-gen counterparts.

well i saw a video released

well i saw a video released By Sony showing the ps4 fully, and i can tell you its looks nothing like that. They must have taken the video down cause i cant seem to find it, maybe they didn't want anyone to see it yet. I'll try to find a link

calling bs

dude you are so full of sh*t, no you haven't seen a video released by sony showing ps4 fully, sony has only released the teaser, that is it. You are just a big fat liar trying to prove nothing the internet community.

I am waiting brother. you

I am waiting brother. you appear to be the only one that as seen it in the gaming community. Funny thing is, it does not matter how it looks, it does not matter if we talk ps4 or xbox. The games for it are going to be cut down reskins for the masses. But do not worry, you can hook up to some gay twitter feed during your game and tweet about how you just got 21948 points. If I was a PS4 fan, I would be scared, remember those pink funny wands? rofl.

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