Cross Platform Multiplayer Removed From Counter Strike: Global Offensive

One of the most alluring features of Valve's upcoming Counter Strike: Global Offensive was its support for cross-platform multiplayer between PC and PlayStation 3 players. Sadly, this feature has been cancelled.

The cross-platform play was not cancelled because it was unfair for controller-wielding PS3 players to compete against PC players with their keyboard + mouse controls. The real reason behind the decision was because Valve wanted to update the game as often as they do with Team Fortress 2. Unfortunately, this is impossible on the PlayStation 3 (or any other current gen console) due to the lengthy approval process required for every patch.

"The beta has proved we want to update not just the beta, but the game itself post-launch frequently on the PC," Valve's Chet Faliszek explained. "To do that we need to separate the platforms so one doesn't hamstring the other. So for that, we have removed the idea of cross-platform play -- essentially make all platforms stronger by not mixing them."

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my friend plays bf3 on a pc online with his xbox 360 controller, he played the game like 3x more time then i have with my keyboard n mouse, but when i look up the stats it says i got more skill then he does :D OWNED Console noobs......

mmmm cheaters exist no matter

mmmm cheaters exist no matter what platform you play on, although evidently there are more on PC, but just because you suck all the time doesn't mean everyone is a cheater. Sorry to inform you on that fact. Its ok some day you will learn to not suck so much.

in an age of CODMW3 , BF3,

in an age of CODMW3 , BF3, ..... Counter Strike is such a waste of resources. this game is a shame, in game, try looking at a mirror, and u'll see anything that u r holding is actually flying in front of u. this is so shameful. it should be a free game.

CS is such a great game. Your

CS is such a great game. Your entire paragraph makes you not the best speaker in the English language. Make sure you draft what you write and then re-read it. Because you made no sense at all to what you were saying. Its a shame they let people like you on the internet. Disgraced, now go study for your new Writing 101 class.


You have little or no knowledge of the technology behind games. Console gamers have an unfair advantage against PC gamers, its called "Auto Aim" (or "Aim Assist") and its implemented in every single console FPS game.

You must be too young to know...

It doesn't make them superior because they're not the ones aiming. But it does give them an advantage over PC gamers, how do I know? Cross platform multiplayer was implemented in a certain high profile FPS many years ago. It lasted for about a week before devs split console and PC gamers because we (PC gamers) didnt stand a chance against the auto aim. The farther you are from the enemy the worse it gets. We complained, they listened. No one cares about playing with no skill auto-aim dependent people anyway (only other no skill auto-aim dependants).

Wrong, auto aim doesn't help

Wrong, auto aim doesn't help for shit. Your just a console fanboy. Consoles would get owned period, auto aim doesn't do shit to help, the precision of a mouse can never be beaten by auto-aim feature that consoles have, been there done that, doesn't help, and quite often i turn it off because it doesn't do what you want it to do. The precision of a mouse is way to accurate. Go do some studying and then come back with a better knowledge behind how gaming on a console and PC compare with your so called supremacy of auto aim on consoles to the ultimate supremacy of a mouse. Enough said.

Never mind

Never mind the fact that a mouse+keyboard will always beat a controller when it comes to precision and aiming, but why would you ever want to play an FPS on a console. Just stupid.


in response i ask why would u want to play a pc game on a pisseh monitor when u can play a console game on a 55inch LED TV.

i have a high end pc, but console normally wins out for exclusive shooters. 55inch just doesnt compare. i have a my pc running through a 32inch bravia, and playing pc shooters with a keyboard and mouse is just not practical

I will never go back to

I will never go back to consoles even if BF3 is on a 80inch LED tv with 7.1 surround sound. My 22 inch LCD monitor with 60+ frames a second with DX11 capability's is what makes me say, bullshit to your so called amazing console+tv. Console fanboys can you go do some research before you claim victory when in reality you guys are falling behind with your DX9.0c Graphics which look completely pixelated with BF3 trying to play on consoles.

He must have born after the 286sx era

Funny, I have a 60" Panasonic Viera Plasma and my FPS PC runs just fine. If your console wins out, you dont have a high end PC.

FPS were born on PCs. A keyboard and mouse combo gives you 10x the mapping options, and your crappy controller is nothing compared to my gaming keyboard and mouse with 12 buttons, counter weights, and a 5600 DPI. My crosshare would be on your forehead before your thumb started to move.

ummm HDMI out to TV?

Why not Just Get a nice GFX with HDMI out and pop it into that 55" Been running my PC on my TV for YEARS and upgrading as new tech comes out. As for playing a shooter with a KB/Mouse it is very practical. I love when people hook there 360 remotes to there PC thinking they will rock like its on a console, then whine. Hell I love how MW3 and BF3 people Whine Because I use my KB/Mouse on my 360. Yes, you can do it, Just because you do not know how to, does not mean it can not be done :) If you have played on a PC long enough, Actually are skilled and dextrous enough to wield a KB/Mouse, You will ALWAYS wreck someone on a controller. Besides Ingame modification of X/Y axis and sensitivity you also have the ability to tweak your hardware either on the device itself or through software. Let us not forget also the ability for Macro Setting on a KB or Mouse. Don't Believe me, Open your wallet and go out and get a Logi G-19 and a G-700 :) As for the GFX to the TV I would got with a 570-580 If you can afford it, Tho we might be getting close to the 600 Nvidia Series coming out since ATI dropped the 7k series

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