Croteam Trashes Windows 8 Too

Windows 8 Croteam

Another game developer has come out against the "walled garden" of Windows 8's app system, saying that it really isn't good for PC gaming. This is one of several big names that has trashed the recently released OS, after Valve's Gabe Newell and Mojang's Markus Persson also voiced their disapproval.

“What you don’t see here is that, under the hood, the new tiled UI is a means for Microsoft to lock Windows applications into a walled garden, much like the one on iOS," said Croteam CTO Alen Ladavac on the Steam forums. One of the things he wanted to clarify the most was that while it seems like developers were perhaps overreacting and just not wanting to change OS, Windows 8 is a different beast than previous generations.

"One cannot release a tiled UI application by any other means, but only through Windows Store," he explained. "I cannot even begin to stress out just how horrible this idea is! There is no side-loading, except for corporate use inside one company, and that works only on the enterprise edition of Windows 8. Do we all understand what that means? You cannot download an application from the Internet and run it on your computer. You have to get it from Microsoft's store. Even if it is a free app!"

It would be ok if there wasn't any certification, he explained, but there is. So that lengthy wait for Xbox patches, that's all coming in the next Windows.

"Each app that you will get through the Windows Store will have to adhere to certain requirements imposed by MS. So far, we know that they've banned mature games, like Skyrim, CoD, and Serious Sam. They have forbidden modding. They could very well forbid Open Source if they want."

Apparently you'll still be able to get some applications on the basic desktop, but developers are worried that with Windows 9, everything will come through the app store or not at all.

Ultimately he said, "I'll skip on that one," suggesting that we won't see any Croteam games on Windows 8.

No doubt reports like this will see gamers stick with Windows 7 for some time, but as that begins to age and lose support, where can we go? With all the recent improvements in Linux support, maybe in a half decade we'll all be running that open source platform instead.

What do you guys think?

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I'm fine with Windows 7

I'm fine with my Windows 7, and I was not interested in Windows 8, and now with this bad news, there's no hope for that, unless Microsoft changes his manners! I believe we can say that Windows 8 It's worse than Windows ME was.

Windows 8 works!

Windows 8 works great, really just a tweaked windows 7 with a frontend for the iphone crowd surly making it easier to use for everyone will increase user base? Especially when those of us who know how to use a pc still have the desktop, they have even made it quicker to get to most admin tools with a right click in the bottom left of the desktop!

If you're running Win7 using

If you're running Win7 using 2GB of RAM at any time, theres obviously a lot of **** that you're running that shouldnt be. I've seen Win7 being run on 750MB of RAM. To give you an idea of how *******M$ is, thats how much extra crap is running in your system that doesnt need to be running. And to the guy who said something along the lines of "Most serious gamers have 16 or 32 GB of RAM". You obviously dont know your computers. Unless you're doing computer animation, or hell even running a Beowulf cluster, theres never a reason to have more than 4GB of RAM for an x64 OS. 6 or 8GB would even be feasible if you want a little extra space to work with. Anything really beyond that you're just wasting your money unless you're a serious hacker (and I use the term loosely) or computer animator.

win 8

it s a well known fack the more ram you have the faster your games load up and perform , 8 gb ram is poor if your want to run bf3 on ultra , with top res ,and i do know my computers as i have built them for years and fine tuned them to all glory most ppl want to run ultra on everygame not run it in medium or high like you do pooper gamer, and i dont have loads of **** in the background not need thanxs ,and i dont animate , just a serious gamer with lots of money who wants to play all top detail not console gfx

please, why argue? i know u

please, why argue? i know u must have been downloading all your music, movies and such. so why dont you just enjoy your downloaded copy of Windows 8? dont forget to download Call of Duty Black Ops II when it comes out on pc.


Corporate greed is more of a conservatively minded phenomenon wouldn't you say? Making progress, means prosperity for all, not the few, already rich elite. Good thing for us, hackers are smarter than M$


Sorry but i dont read alll the comments yet, because i have my own words for all this :D my PC is runnig on Windows 8 and i like it.. it works fine with all my programms and much more stable than Windows 7... i mean when you hate the Metro style, there are a lot of progs that make it away... look on win 7 my pc used 2 gb ram for running windows... at win 8 it's only 1,5 gb.. i know that isn't much but you will see it's a different :O there are so much people who said that they hate win 8.. much most of them havn't test it.. or test it for 2 h ... when you test it for 1 or 2 months and say you hate it... okay thats YOUR choice... but when you dont test it or for 2 h.. you cant say it's ****** up windows ~.~ btw. sorry for bad english XD


It's only natural that evolution demands more ram. My win 7 asks for 1gb, and i've seen a guy with 3gb ram taken by the task manager. no thanks.

Too bad you're a ******.

I'm sure windows 8 is great for Porn and solitaire but they've turned it into software for smartphones. Its now **** for gaming and its ****** up that all software must now come from microsoft store only. Congrats they're now worse then apple. At least apple was like this from the start.

i still have a bad taste in

i still have a bad taste in my mouth from when microsoft took out the ability to port my dreamcast's 56k modem to my computer's ethernet port ,in xp . it seems with every new verson of windows we loses more and more functionality

**** shitbit 8 os :)

mr sorry - i owned it and got rid of it, and what kind of serious gamer runs his pc on 1.5 gig ? most people have 16 or 32gig of ram top end ati or nvidia gfx card , tower pc and quad core of the highest core to run the best in games the pc has to offer not , running games on the lowest settings like you , win 7 is the best os to date, win 8 is a pile of steamy **** , each to their own opinions at the end of the day, more people prefer linux over a windows 8 and so on, i deleted it after 2 days , easy to use but its **** and messy .

You ensured no one should

You ensured no one should take you seriously when you said 'most people'. I hate windows 8 after using it, but that doesn't mean I'll accept fake/made up facts. Get your statistics from somewhere other than your **** please...

Windows 8 64 bit Pro

I have windows 8 pro 64 bit on my system now. Except for the Metro UI, it Out Performs windows 64 bit. My speeds have more then doubled, I am on a core i5-3570, 16 gigs of DDR3 ram, Dual Nvidia 550 Ti 2gb cards in a SLI formation. I have my OS on a agility 3 128GB SSD from OCZ. My system Flies, I play Star Trek Online, Eve Online, Perpetuum-Online, X-Com and many many many other games. My Security suite is Kaspersky. I have YET to have issues running ANY games including Serious Sam. Hell I still play Duke 3D on it and the original X-Com's from back in the day. I had issues with the Dev preview and consumer preview of windows 8, It got way better in the release preview and everything is working fine on the RTM version. I don't touch the Metro UI at all. Would I prefer my games Switching over to FreeBSD or Ubuntu, sure I would. Steam is making great gains on the Linux front and I can't wait till the library is ported over and Linux actually gets a nod from the non-tech savvy. But Except for Metro Windows 8 is still built off 7. I have yet to have a problem installing anything 7 ran. People gave the same ******** and Crying everytime a new system came out. When Microsoft makes changes (3.11 to 95 to 98 to 2000 to XP to ME(horrible OS won't lie) then the crying over Vista and 7 which was the end of Windows also back then. Now to the Crying over 8. Windows 8 is no different then what the Linux platform or even the iOS/Apple platform. They are working to create one User Interface across all Platforms to ease the transferrence of the CASUAL COMPUTER user. Not you or I, But the ones who buy the machines without knowledge. Just like Video gaming, the money is in the casual market. People do not care as long as they can access Facebook and the E-Mail clients they use. Just like any other company, they cater to what is going to cause them long term sales. Microsoft Aside from Apple has one of the simplistic uses of a GUI out there. People insert the disc and hit enter and it works. Linux had its chance to try to gain ground back in the day when Wal-Mart actually sold cheap linux boxes for a short time. They never made ground. Windows is the premiere Operating system because of its Ease of Use for the Commoner.

Considering this article

Considering this article mentions the process developers must go to release software for windows 8 and not simply the user experience, I call bullshit on your post. Learn to read and read the entire article before posting because using windows 8 will give you absolutely no idea of what devs must go through to get their games in your hands, derp...

windows 8 is bad news 4 all

i've had windows 8 and it is wierd but easy to get used to, but the os itself runs good, but it is messy with the amount of ******* windows that are show and there you see your desktop screen , there is alot of pointless crap on there, so why not just load to the desktop screen in the first place ? and the system restore is messy when you go back, avoid , and if the internet icon says invalid ip , you have to reinstall the pc again, i had it 3 times, and the net speed on this netgear pen i had , which was dual band 300 mbps was ******* slow, it did 2.6 out of my total 15mbps , even my lappy ****** on it for speed, stick with what you know all, xp,vista,win 7 or linux anything but windows 8 , i;d even be desperate enough to goto apple;s snow leopard , thats saying something, i got a free upgrade windows 8 pack in need of a public burning :) , anyone want to see the video on utube , if i post it :) ?

It's not actually a bad idea

It's not actually a bad idea by Micorosoft. If you think more carefully it is available to a Surface tablet, WP8(?), and any compatible computers, which iOS nor Android cannot do. What I mean is you can access ANY app from the Windows Store (ex. angry birds, cut the rope, f2p games, etc.) that ranges from Windows, and to Windows Phones, plus you get touch-environment that is friendly for mouse and keyboard users, this how should people look at Windows 8 and not listen to those companies (Valve usually target the close-minded gamers, I wouldn't listen to them)

Of course it's not a bad idea

Of course it's not a bad idea, for M$ to make sure everyone has to go through them to publish something on PC I realy cannot see how that is a good thing . And Ubuntu Unity desktop environment is also very good for both mouse and touchscreen, and best thing is you aren't forced to use it.And you can also install it on touchpad and it's free. Of course valve are targeting gamers they are a company that makes and publishes games after all, but weather someone is close minded because they don't want to suck M$ **** and use their inferior overpriced products if there are alternatives that don't cost crap. Only thing linux needs now is someone to make or port professional development tools such as photoshop, autocad and some video editing software, to linux and then there will simply be no point to choose windows over linux. And if valve does well with steam on linux then it might just happen. And what the hell are you doing on this site if you are no a close minded gamer anyway.

You need to work on your

You need to work on your spelling and grammar, It's hard to take semi-illiterate people seriously. There is no point to choose windows over linux other than games, and even that is a weak argument considering virtualization has existed for some time. Simply put, you just don't know linux software well enough to say what it needs and what it doesn't need. Also this website isn't meant for close minded gamers only, its for gamers yes, but some of us have grown past our teen years and are open minded.

I seen it I used it and I don

I seen it I used it and I don't want it don't recommend it. Who ever came up with the idea that windows should look like that, they need to be fired, and the people that approved it. And this is where it starts to roll downhill, or it cloud be another vista scheme, make something even worse and then make something slightly better later.

Linux is comming up...

This is a good thing. The only reason I still run Windows 7 on my home PC is because the lack of big games and such on linux. With windows 8 more companies are going to focus on linux, putting more money into the distros, making them better and getting more of teh less computer savy people onto linux distros. I'm looking forward to windows 8 making everyones PC experiance better... by moving us all onto linux :P

Ghost in the Shell here we come!

I'd love to get into Linux and the like, anyhow. The more broken Apps & OS's MS comes out with, the more I see the mass consumer market taking notice of the other options. Meaning guys like me can have reasonable time to study other operating systems and get very good in them, leading to ground floor innovation again and whatever else my come with that. GITS, anyone?


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