Destiny Requires Constant Internet Connection But No Subscription Fees

In case you didn’t guess it already, Bungie’s upcoming “Shared World Shooter,” Destiny, will require constant internet connection even for solo-play.

The main draw of Destiny is its shared world that is shaped by all players’ actions, so for once, it seems that this requirement is justified.

The mandatory internet connection, the huge sandbox world, items crafting, class system, PvP support and party system are tempting to classify Destiny as an MMO, but Bungie stands by its position that this would be “underselling” it. Either way, the company asserted that it has “absolutely no plans to charge a subscription fee for Destiny.”

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I won't buy it. I can't rely on my unstable internet-connection, so I will skip this one (just like Diablo 3). Too bad, as it seems like a nice game otherwise.

Even though bungie refuses to

Even though bungie refuses to acknowledge this game as an mmo, thats what it is. So think about pirating mmos, how do you do it if there is no server emulator available? Normally that's not an issue because mmos charge a monthly fee and give you the client for free. So think about pirating guild wars 2 without stealign someones password, how do you do it?

I'm a long reader, but

I'm a long reader, but Several errors in this article made it so difficult to read that I almost didn't read it all the way through. If you are going to hire Korean children to make posts, at least have someone in the states proofreading things before the submit button gets mashed.

u sir

u sir are an idiot. which part of the article had several errors?? the only errors that were made were from you. unless the comment you made was for yourself?

long time* reader - oops! I

long time* reader - oops! I'm sorry, when writing that post I had to get in the mindset of those overseas not-even minimum-wage megagames sweatshop children, and sometimes I just get swept up in the whole role-playing thing!


ThI won't buy this. i have NEVER purchased a game that requires a constant 24-hour internet connection. if it could be played solo in offline mode, i'd be fine with it. There's no need to be required to be connected to the internet just to play solo. This is total bullshit. This is just further proof that the once small game companies that we, the gamers, made successful.............have now become greedy and no longer give a **** about their fans.


Not really, in this particular games case, the constantly online requirement makes sense. You should at least read about the game before raging over a single line in an article. There is no such thing as a shared persistent world without a connection, derp.

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