Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny

Destiny is Bungie's upcoming First Person Shooter set in a shared persistent world.

Destiny takes place in the distant future, hundreds of years after humanity’s golden age. During the golden age, humanity colonized the space and built a galactic empire. But all of this came to an abrupt end when an enemy attacked and nearly eradicated the whole of mankind.

Nothing is known about the identity of the enemy that destroyed humanity’s galactic empire, but we know that its ultimate objective is to wipe off every single human in existence. And they nearly succeeded, hadn’t it been for "The Traveler," a giant spaceship hovering above the planet where humanity made its last stand.

Over a very long period of time, the survivors built a vast city under The Traveler. With time, humanity rebuilt its civilization in that city and – once again – started to take its first steps back into the galaxy, just to discover that their alien enemy was still looking for ways to penetrate their defenses and wipe humanity off for good.

And that’s when Destiny takes place.