Deus Ex: The Fall Launch Trailer Released

Deus Ex

Today is the day that the sequel to Deus Ex: Human Evolution lands on iOS. Called Deus Ex: The Fall, it follows the actions of Ben Saxon, who used to be a soldier and a mercenary, but now he's begun to "fight back," against individuals in "the shadows" and he's gathering a team around him to do it.

Available to play on anything from an iPad 3 or iPad Mini and up for tablet users, and iPhone 4s and up for mobile gamers, The Fall is being hailed by many as one of the first true, hardcore gaming experiences on a mobile device.

It features stealth sequences and fast paced combat, all of which has been optimised for the mobile experience, while providing a new story, that continues the legacy of the Deus Ex franchise.

As you can tell from the trailer below, this is a very good looking game, with decent physics and texture quality, along with some interesting features that show the franchise has translated quite faithfully to the new platform.

What do you guys think? I'm an Android user so can't check this one out at the moment, but perhaps one of our iPhone readers can let us know what they think?

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This is clearly a cash cow Mobile GFX are not good enough to do this franchise justice and from the trailer it just looks poor.

You HAVE to play it - it's

You HAVE to play it - it's really, really good, not just "for a mobile game" either - it's honestly on the level of Human Revolution (which was a very poor watered down version of Deus Ex made for gamer babbys raised on COD).

I dont think Eidos hates its

I dont think Eidos hates its fanbase. I think the MD decided that most Deus Ex fans are using mobile platforms today and they could produce a decent title for the platform in question and receive a good amount of cash. I dont use them but if I would, I would totally download it. Are you kidding? Deus Ex and mobile? You cant beat it unless you somehow managed to run Deus Ex 1 on a mobile. :=) Damned chinese keyboard. Im getting late towards that deal.

I like this guy ^ most deus

I like this guy ^ most deus ex fans are progressive, techno-savvy and intelligent, but unfortunately it's the few who are pig-headed and afraid of change who are loudest. It's actually a really good game, well on par with Human Revolution (not so much the original though). Why can't people just be happy that Eidos Montreal are trying something new and doing well at it? It reminds me of the rage people had when the PS2 version of the first came out.

that's positivenergy

You guy is one dumb *************. Eidos to pull a stunt like this on a sacred game like deus ex is a major insult to every gamer. Opening your dumbass mouth to tell us to grow up... you need to fall down two flights of stairs for that. Should of been a sequel for next-gen and pc, not piece of **** iOS for mentally retarded gamers.

"Every Gamer"? Speak for

"Every Gamer"? Speak for yourself. You're exactly what's wrong with gamers and why nobody takes us seriously. Coming from a Deus Ex fan of thirteen years, an academic working with games and a gamer since birth. Embrace the future and new paradigms or die a Luddite, grandpa.
You voted 'no'.

Save with DISH

Yes every gamer. You are just a huge moron. When it comes to progression. Nothing hurts a developer more than to attempt AAA titles on a mobile right now. They may as well of just made it for the WiiU at this point. Until all the tablets and phones are closer synced with hardware and os updates its a huge money sink to work on apps like deus ex on iOS/Android. Guys should of stuck with next gen and pc systems. Much higher target audience that will actually buy and rent the game vs a few casuals on the phones/tablets.

This is exactly the kind of

This is exactly the kind of conservative, closed-minded thinking that stifles innovation. You couldn't make an FPS work on a console - then Microsoft made the 360 controller. You couldn't have a good trackpad on a laptop - then Apple came out with the Glass Multi-Touch trackpad. Just because YOU don't see any investment in trying to make something work, it doesn't mean nobody should do it. Nothing changes if nobody challenges dumb preconceptions based on bad experiences, and Deus Ex is the perfect game to challenge these ideas. If you can't see the game past just a PC shooter then I do feel sorry for you.

You Save w/ Dish

Look at this moron talking out his *** again. Maybe do yourself a favor and actually use a tablet for awhile. The in-game controllers are awful for most games that require precision controls. For example the built in touch controls for FPS games or platforming games etc are just awkward and bulky. Than we also have the issue of very few external devices like blu-tooth controllers for gaming. they are either too expensive to make sense or not released yet to the consumers. Also a lot of tablets or phones don't have direct usb access without a dongle or dock to get those usb slots. Than you need to pay sometimes for specialized apps that allow you to use your controller for input. See what I am talking about? ******* morons these days that ***** about things they have no clue about. Mobiles need a good 2-3 years before it would make sense to develop good games.

I'm using it right now to

I'm using it right now to type this as a matter of fact and, clearly unlike you, have actually played and finished the game. The touch controls are really, really well done. Are you living in 2006 or something? I'm not "********" about anything, I'm disagreeing with your uninformed, cynical bullshit. Nothing you've said is even remotely an issue with modern tablets, they're issues with people hating change. Oh, but I guess I'm the one "talking out of my ***" - not the guy who apparently hasn't touched anything other than his greasy Cheetos-dust clogged mouse and keyboard over the last decade and thinks his armchair philosophising about the progress of technology that's already here is somehow more insightful than that of the people who are actually using and developing them. But sure, go ahead, revel in your world where it is literally impossible for people to develop and enjoy something borne out of different ways of thinking that you haven't personally approved. I'm off to talk to people who aren't ******* cynical luddite morons, goodbye :)

Free Hopper Upgrade

Still talking like an ******. After all that new age crap all you're telling me is you can't even afford a simple AMD system to play games on. So you have to play bejeweled on your tablet, cause clearly that's the only way you yourself as a casual gamer can achieve being a gamer. Do us a favor newfag... keep your fingers where we can see them.

I cannot genuinely believe

I cannot genuinely believe Eidos did this, very odd marketing direction and strategy, putting arguably the greatest franchise on an obscure iOS platform, It's incredibly disappointing that it hasnt come to its home on PC. Maybe a much better port is due in the next year or two ?

This looks like a heavily

This looks like a heavily watered down version of Human Revolution with some different characters, and locations. Deus Ex, is fortunate to have a fabulously vast wealth of lore to draw from, I'd imagine they have something juicy lined up in the future given the success of Human Revolution, just give it time.

This looks like a heavily

This looks like a heavily watered down version of Human Revolution with some different characters, and locations. Deus Ex, is fortunate to have a fabulously vast wealth of lore to draw from, I'd imagine they have something juicy lined up in the future given the success of Human Revolution, just give it time.

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