Diablo 3 Breaks Pre-order record

Blizzard has announced that upcoming dungeon crawling sequel, Diablo 3, has broken all pre-order records for the company – an impressive feat, considering this includes those for previous Call of Duty titles.

Set for release on the 15th of May, the long awaited sequel to the second Diablo game has had millions of gamers excited for quite some time. As well as being the publishing giant's most pre-ordered title ever, it also had an impressive turnout of beta players.

Blizzard’s Mike Morhaime let slip during a call to investors that over 2 million people took part in the beta, with even more wanting to get onboard. “The response we got was huge,” he said, noting that he was proud of the effort the team had put into the game, making what he believed to be the “best Diablo game yet.”

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