Doom 3 Source Code Will Be Released This Year

During his QuakeCon keynote, Id Software co-founder and lead programmer John Carmack announced that the full source code of Doom 3 will be released shortly after the launch of the studio's next game: Rage.

Doom 3 was released in 2004 and it runs on id Tech 4 graphics engine and Rage runs on its successor id Tech 5 graphics engine. Rage is scheduled for release in October this year.

Carmack confirmed that his studio's parent company, Zenimax, has approved the source code release. The famous developer then urged other developers to release the source code of their old games for the good of the whole development community.

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lol yay for Valve, ID

lol yay for Valve, ID software has been a big let down recently, i don't even like the feel of their engine its very unnatural.
Im crossing me fingers for Rage and Doom 5. Rage is looking sweeet!


Valve has never released their engine source in the same way ID does. Let me explain, when Valve releases a new version of their source sdk you can tinker with the engine and make mods. However if you want to go commercial and make a profit Valve will charge you a hefty sum or royalties (or both). When ID releases the source for one of their engines they do so by going OPEN SOURCE (something Valve or other big game devs never do) that means you are free to make money off of the engine without paying them. Also valve's sdk doesn't give you access to their entire source code. Source is also older than doom 3's engine while valve keeps milking it and will continue to do so for years to come (at least until hl3). Valve used to be good, their latest moves (portal 2, tf2, dota2) shows that they're quickly descending into EA land (which is to say, greed > all).

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