DotA 2 Chat Bans Curb Negative Players


Much like its League of Legends producing counterparts at Riot Games, Valve has been trying to curb some of the negative players interactions on DotA 2, its flagship MOBA title. The latest effort, has been dealing out chat bans to players that have repeated negative interactions with other players and it seems to be working, cutting the overall number of negative communications by 35 percent.

According to Valve statistics (via PCGamesN), around 60 percent of players that receive chat bans, improve their behavior. Only 1 percent of players are currently banned, but with these sorts of statistics, that number seems likely to fall into the 0.X range sooner rather than later.

In a blog post, Valve explained the reasoning behind the chat bans: "Losing a bunch of Dota 2 games doesn’t seem to cause people to quit. But one thing that did stand out in the data was the amount of negative communication between players. Put simply, you are more likely to quit if there is abusive chat going on in your games."

While there is trolling between teams in other titles, due to the needed synergy in MOBA titles, negative interaction between teammates is more common and is one of the major causes for players quitting the game altogether.

“Our data shows this is working exactly as we hoped,” says Valve. “Many players banned eventually reach a ban free communication style, and the percentage of players being reported for communication bans is dropping over time.”

You guys have smashed me more than a few times on here. Have any of you been hit with DotA 2 chat bans?

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I smash you out of love, at

I smash you out of love, at times, at others; I would kick your **** because you need me and do not comply. The problem is that I need you as well and I will not share the reasons, be them clear or not.

I wish life would be like a

I wish life would be like a XCOM game, with all of that epic music. Dota can get ****** in the **** for all I care, I wouldnt ban anyone. However, I would capture them and bring them into interrogation as to know more of my enemy. Im drunken, Im happy with my wife and a play a lot of pool when Im not. These calculations are not correct and they only see one factor of the prime as a result. How? Because it can be so and it will be so according to the numbers. And now, Im going for coffee after a home meal and I plan to kick ****, be it national guards or civilians. Long life to Mega Games! My scars tell the rest.

You should not bash megagmes

You should not bash megagmes for taking international news and repeating them on its line. By that logic there would be no news at the scale we are used to. Other sites, I really dont know which you speak of, I know of two or three that are pretty famous and hell no, you will not find me there for news or anything else for that matter. You will have to let me in on that secret. Besides, how long has it been since you see someone spam chat rooms without peril of getting bashed, not because of no ban reasons but because they hijacked the train and have a vendetta of some sort. However, I understand bans when they are found in under 18 channels, someone has to bash some common sense into juventus and dont doubt, force is a prime need for most subjects of these ages. They simply dont respond to reasoning or debate. Now, megagames, launch a paperback version of megagames but, only for the EU and only through subscribers. That would be insane but I had a vision. Remember paperbacks with certain numbers always get prime invitations and respect from companies. No, I havent got banned from dota channels but from philosophy, govern and alike... too many times. Can someone tell my why the captchas find a direct link in terms of factors to the people posting, arguments and the news itself? Who the hell made this?

Ive been coming to megagames

Ive been coming to megagames for many years now, and the fact that I've never clicked an ad or signed up with anything from MG says something about the sites major design flaws. Not that I'm bashing MG, but kind of.

im the same way

Ive been using megagames for around a decade and have not made an account, but i do like doing anon comments quite often, it is a great site for news, they just give no real reason to make an account which im cool with, to me its the cnn of the game world. ive learned alot of things from here before they hit any of the not to be named major sites. although screwattack is pretty awesome but has the same issue for me i never wanted to make an account and still dont, lol. anyone haha

Out of love.

We only smash you out of love... And the fact you guys steal articles from other websites... Or spread misinformation, you are like the inquirer of Video Game news sites, and that's why we love you... Not love per say, more of, are amused by the amount of terrible and then go on to other sites for actual news.

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