Duke Nukem Forever Lets Players Capture The Babe And Smack Her Butt

In addition to deathmatch and team deathmatch, Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer modes include "Capture the Babe" mode where two teams fight over each other's babe in a classic CTF manner.

"Our goal isn't to shock people," Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford. "But I think there's some stuff that's a bit uncomfortable. I mean, the aliens' plan is to capture our women and impregnate them to breed an alien army, so you can imagine some horrible shit happens."

But perhaps the most controversial part of Capture The Babe is that the players have to smack the babe on its butt.

"[Capture The Babe is] pretty much what you'd expect to see from a CTF-style mode, with one small touch: the 'Babe' will sometimes freak out while you're carrying her (somewhat understandable we'd say) at which point you have to hit a button to gently give her a reassuring slap," Pitchford explained.

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The Duke

The game sounds like its going to be a epic failure, this whole cap the babe gimmick is for the kiddies, Ive always thought the hype is bigger than the real deal, in reality its a franchise trying to make one last effort to keep it alive.


Whoop tee fucking doo, ooooo u can slap the ass haahha. So many virgins out there hahaha. Get a real Girlfriends and spank that all you want. And if its a hot chick call me.


Dude, learn to spell boring, and stop trolling on a gaming forum talking about real girl friends, why did you even read the article to begin with? Idiot.

Question on everyone's mind

I think the question on everyone's mind is why we don't get a video so that we can judge for our selves, strictly for educational purposes of course :)

At the very least, I think we should get an image of the "reassuring slap".

Holy fuck better watch out for Jimmy....

Don't fuckin' let the Jimmy Swaggarts & George W.'s out there hear about that or they'll try & see to it the game never gets released, and you might as well fucking forget about any potential Austrailian market because they just can't have that sort of advocation of such horrible behavior. It's so damaging to society. Crime rates will go up & their society will plunge back into the days of dark barbarianism.

So fuckin' watch yourself.

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