E3 Xbox One Demoes Ran On Windows 7 PC With NVidia GPU

According to at least two different sources, the Xbox One games Microsoft showcased during E3 2013 were not running on an actual console or even on a development kit. Instead, it seems that those games were running on a Windows 7 PC equipped with a NVidia graphics card.

The news was confirmed by US Gamer’s Julian Rignall who twitted that he has “just played an Xbox One game using an Xbox One controller that crashed... to a Windows 7, Hewlet Packard-branded desktop. Magic!”

Additionally, a NeoGAF forum member managed to snap a photo of a PC equipped with NVidia GTX 700 graphics card hidden inside one of the Xbox One demo kiosks. For your convenience, the photo is available in the gallery.

It is worth noting that Xbox One is powered by AMD CPU and GPU and that its operating system is based on Windows 8 core.

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Xbox one sucks

I'm definitely not going to buy a um ai Xbox one out what a lotta b******* I mean seriously running on a PC with a video card the f****** thing is an actual AMD box and steal it crashes what a load of s*** I suggest everybody purchase a PlayStation 4 the PlayStation 4 is more powerful its cheaper and the f****** demos actually we're running on a Playstation 4 f*** you Microsoft trying to rip us off Microsoft


Daylight robbers. As an xbox 360 gamer already,(78236)gamer score.i was going to upgrade to an xbox one.....but after all the lies and failed hardware over the years....they still have not learnt there lesson......customers line their pockets....they should have matched at the very least..the power of the ps4...all we get is a substandard piece of crap....thats behind the ps4 hardware....and will bombard you with sugestions to watch crappy channels that companys pay microsoft,,who in turn plaster all over your home screen.....somewhere in the hidden menus will be the actual icon to play a game..........bullshit ms soft.... Come november i will be a ps4 owner.......sorry microsoft .....you should listen to your customers. Now we find out the games demoed were ran on a pc with nvidia ,,,,not the xbox ones amd hardware.....it wasnt even pluged in..... i think its going to be the same senario.....****/poor quality hardware........tossers on second thoughts ..i will stick to my dual water cooled custom loop,haswell ,sli gtx 780 ek build


you ******* ****** another ****** going on about how thw ps4 more powerfull then the xbox one. need I remind you that the ps3 is more pwoerfull than the 360 but the games don't look any better and don't run any better the online is **** and it will be the same this time round. it doesn't matter if the ps4 is more powerfull the games wont run or look any better because its using the same gpu as the xbox you *****. oh and have you not heard about sony slagging of ms to take your attention away from the fack that they are going to be charging for the online play on the ps4 yes what used to be free you now have tp pay for like xbox live and I bet its still ***** just like everything son make. and as for the xbox being poor quality hardware you must just have been unlucky as I have had my 360 since the day they came out and never had a problem with it its still running fine unlike the ps3 I baught that died after 2 weeks of buying it so I got it replaced and the replacement only lasted a month. sony are ***** always have been always will be.

This kid is the most

This kid is the most illiterate **** head. You clearly have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and you're a fanboy of the worst degree. Even if we put everything aside Microsoft definitely ****** up on the 360 hardware it was a MASS problem. Not oh WELL YOU HAD BAD LUCK SNARL SNARL that's how I imagine your ****** sounds. The red ring was such an issue that Microsoft repaired them free of charge for quite a time. So get the **** out of here with your fanboy bullshit because Microsoft definitely made worse hardware last generation and obviously this one.

Your comparison is the only

Your comparison is the only retarded thing here. The PS3 can't beat the x360 in power because it uses a vastly different architecture than the 360 and PCs. So no companies were interested in learning the nuances and tricks required to optimized games for the PS3 because it would only live for a few years. Now we're talking about consoles using the PC architecture, which coders have decades of experience with already. A better comparison would be how a game, say dragon age 2, looked on the 360 and how it looked on the PC. Yep, the 360 was an underpowered pc in a black box so the more powerful machines crushed its quality. As an addendum, it doesn't matter if you like the game or not, Its an example and a good one at that because the graphics weren't dumbed down on the PC just because it was a cross platform game.


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