EA Backtracks on Micro Transactions in All Games

EA Micro

EA Games previously said that it planned to put micro-transactions in all upcoming games, suggesting that a lot of future titles would feature pay to win mechanics. However, the publishing giant has now gone back on that original claim, after a huge public backlash.

"I made a statement in the conference along the lines of 'We'll have micro-transactions in our games' and the community read that to mean all our games, and that's really not true," said CFO Blake Jorgensen at the Wedbush Technology Conference ( via Polygon). He did however add the caveat that most of EA's Mobile titles will have micro-transactions, since those games will be for the most part, free.

Previously Jorgensen had suggested that console and PC games would in future by dominated by micro-transactions and that players actually enjoyed paying for things in-game.

Of course if you add lots of filler to your games, then people are going to "enjoy" getting past it so they can get to the good stuff - and if that means that have to pay a bit of cash then sure, it'll put a smile on their face, but they don't actually "enjoy" the act of giving money to a company just to ease off the grind.

So what do you guys think? Are Jorgensen and EA covering their asses here? Or did he make a mistake?

I'm leaning towards the former, but I've got my cynical head on today.

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A micro transaction can meal a lot of things, just as what people today call dlc`s, yeah, downloaded content... meaning a single 3d model, a single mission, a single weapon or a mini expansion including a little of everything. The same thing, different name. Cheap shot means that it costs little and is pretty effective, like a kid with a rifle in Africa. He eats less than a man, can shoot the same and is actually harder to hit from a distance because of his size and is less prone to rebel or not follow direct orders, they also take more risks because their brains arent wired up as a grown ***** and they are not computing stuff like adults. You said it yourself, a micro-transaction can be a gun thats already in the game or not, as a micro-transaction could also be horse armour thats actually already in the game or not, which has already happened even in console titles; except that in the second case they call it downloaded content. You must understand that this is a relative concept. Do not fail me.

A sword says more than a word sometimes.

Well, its their company so they can do with it as they please. However, if you like one of their games; as a sports game, and have to pay to unlock a certain player of a certain team, or if you like one of their strategy games and have to pay to unlock a certain unit, or one of their rpg's and have to pay to unlock a certain item... We all know where that is going. Its a pain, more so for the old school guys who are used to media on a disc, with a few expansion discs, possible free content on the net and small expansions as some worthy downloads for a few bucks. You, those oblivion horses, you buy five different horses and you just sum the price of an old fashioned expansion disc and have 99.9 less content for the same cash. Of course he is taking his words back but in truth, actions speak more than words. Economy, yeah, its great for their economy but not for the economy of others and its a cheap shot. Like a kid with a rifle in Africa.

What in the hell are you

What in the hell are you talking about? at first you were talking about micro-transactions and bam... weird ****. EA had nothing to do with how Bethesda nickle and diming their lousy dlc packs like armor for your horses. Mostly EA will do shortcut micro-transactions to fast unlock a unit, a gun or something else thats part of the game already which you could unlock just by plaing the game already. Bad company 2, and even Battlefield 3 had these sort of "kit" unlocks. What does a kid in Africa have to do with anything?

if the current 'gamers' allow it, so be it.

if the new age retards allow themselves to be used like this then good for them. and the **** mummies can go suing companies when their *******kids rake up all that cash out of their fat *****. and they don't even see it come. the more one allows to be rape, it'll continue. Call me a traditionalist but i only pay once and for the full, final product...... so no paying for betas, or other bullshits! and forget the spin off nonsense.

I think the thing people are

I think the thing people are against EA in this case is how they worded it. That they said that we "enjoy paying" micro transactions making them sound money hungery with a poor-mans excuse to charge more. Any one I know doesn't enjoy giving away money, but we are consumers and we do spend. I think EA has misread its audience.

Micro transactions is the way

Micro transactions is the way of the future. It's becoming more wide spread on the PC platform, because a lot of companies are realizing they make a higher profit on digital items when they ship their game free. The consumer can play their games for free, and if they want a little extra something they spend some cash. Since a lot of titles out there are extremely popular on the free 2 play market. So why can't companies like EA try to take a piece of the cake too? Oh that's right because EA is such a large conglomerate every one of you haters have to *****, and whine about a company trying to make money like hundreds of companies already doing micro transaction in their games. So most of you guys on here and go **** your selves if you have zero sense when it comes to the gaming business.

Clearly your own opinion

Clearly your own opinion matters. You have no soul and that's because you sold it when you walked through EA's doors. You are so blinded by hatred that you cannot see what is going on. Yes companies need to make money to survive and give people jobs but they can do it without shafting the consumer.

Most EA employee's wound't be

Most EA employee's wound't be caught dead at a site like MG at least not so far. Why do I empathize about EA? Well I did work for them for a few years as a contractor a long time ago. I also worked at Ubisoft and Square Enix for a few years between each other until a better job came along. Sure I think myself a bit of a EA fanboy, but I know far too well how these companies stay above water than most of the comment poster here.

How about this?

EA, How about you just go **** yourselves? **** like this, backtrack or not, is yet another INSULT to anyone that actually plays games to enjoy them! **** you EA...just die already! Your *******company is ruining gaming, not to mention the idea of enjoying working for something. Here's a fundamental idea: games are games for a reason - challenge, skill, hand-eye coordination, reflex, memory and much more are, more-often-then-not, required...what the **** are you giving me when I can pay and skip something\everything to, what, "get to the good stuff"? Do you have any clue what the "good stuff" even is?! NO, you do not! Let me give you a hint...it is the ******* EXPERIENCE! As a whole, not as a part, and you have no clue how to deliver this to anyone.

Just go kill yourself.

Just go kill yourself. Cause clearly you don't need to buy any EA game, or you could try running a software company yourself with thousands of employee's. Oh wait you can't because you are a **** who cries on sites on how bad EA is.

Did someone hurt your little feelings?

I don't cry about ****, I make sense of what I see and bring it to light so others can benefit from alternate and varied perspectives. If I feel the need I speak my mind directly to whichever entity I am at odds with; you on the other hand have no constructive criticism to offer to people who simply want to enjoy whatever they wish (remember we are talking about games here). Again, my efforts are reflected in my actions, and said actions are simply not to buy anything that I do not want or that does not benefit me. Others like yourself will not change my stubborn nature. I am and always will be entitled to say "f*&# you" to you, others like you and companies that work towards profit over product. Also, "try running a company with thousands of employees"..."software company"? Give them less credit for stealing\purchasing IP's that would have, otherwise, never touched their business construct. FYI - what EA does: they are a distribution company from the start, they don't MAKE anything other than money off of you which is done with other peoples' ideas and fruition. Just because it works does not make it right\good.


OMG I see more BS from EA, no wonder they fail with soo much crap. money hungry bastards. Can they just make games and sell games.Piece of **** company..Forward this to them please

How are they failing? Is Sony

How are they failing? Is Sony failing? How about Microsoft? Maybe they need all this money to pay their employee's that have to eat too right? Cause honestly I don't see EA failing with what they are working with. Sure Origin has its issues, but so did Steam when it came out 9 years ago. Plus you also contradicted yourself by saying they should just make games and sell them... do you even think about what comes out of that pea brain of yours when you type? Stupid kids.

If you take his words in

If you take his words in context (remember these are comments about an article) then you'd realize there is no contradiction. He's against micro transactions and EA doesn't need micro transaction money to pay for employees, selling games was always more than enough for that and there was plenty to spare (that's why EA became a huge company). With 2 of your 3 points invalidated (due to your own oversight) it makes it quite embarrassing for you to call someone else pea brained doesn't it?

I will call them far worse

I will call them far worse than pea brained when they outright embarrass their own selves talking about nothing they personally know about just to get their stupid opinion out in the open. So yea I will criticize their comment. Moreover the guy is BIASED against EA, and their business practices. Maybe this guy should wake up and smell the coffee. Have you yourself worked in financial sector in a large company? I highly doubt so. Because of your hindsight you miss the entire point of a company trying to make a profit. It's an excellent business model, and more , and more companies are using micro-transaction to generate profits. Eventually this business model may one day be the main way for companies to thrive, and simple things like buying games will no longer be the case.

Haven't bought an EA game in 5 years now!

I've been tempted a few times and if Sim City wasn't Origin DRM I would actually give that a go. Generally though I'm just over you EA. You have some good games but as a company you have no soul, no style. Really sad but really true, you're just a.n.other corp these days. Credit where it's due though. You have nore baffoons than the average corp these days! Can't believe some of the bent suits that you have running the place.
You voted 'no'.

I never thought I'd say this;

I never thought I'd say this; but I think Origin [DRM] might be the least offensive and objectionable thing about the new SimCity. Seriously, it's like eating an AIDS and disappointment sandwich while being kicked in the stomach by Hitler.

EA here is an idea. Why dont

EA here is an idea. Why dont you ensure that you actually release a quality game with no bugs? Whats next? We have to pay to get to the next level? Take your corporate greed and shove it up your ****. EA you have destroyed gaming.

Like usual all of you *******

Like usual all of you ******* are a bunch of whiners. Show me ONE game that isn't bug prone bro. Microsoft? Ubisoft? How about Square Enix? Every game has issues. You ******* kids think these companies make games to express their creativity? You ******* morons have no idea these companies are trying to run a business. So seriously just stop playing video games, cause every one of them has bugs and glitches. You want something better? Go start your own god **** software company and lets see what you do to keep your neck above water.

Jet Set ***** Sinclair

Jet Set ***** Sinclair Spectrum no flaws. Mario Snes no flaws. R-type Amiga no flaws. Consoles connect to the Internet and everyone has a get out. What's right is creativity. What's wrong is destroying it.

RE : Like usual all of you *******

(War) This is true but your logic is severely flawed. What your saying is that it is okay for big company to sell crap to its clients cause every else is selling crap as well and if it costs them money to fix their own crap we should pay cause lets face it cost money to run a big company. Man your one smart son of *****! And people wonder why they are hated and alone in this world....

Every single company out

Every single company out there makes flawed products. It isn't ethical for any and every company to practice it, but in a sense everyone does it. That's why everything is made in china and not the countries the product is designed in. You don't need to take a economics class to figure this simple **** out, and than QQ about one major company making products the way they see fit. You don't like what one company is doing? Don't buy there stuff, but it won't impact them at all with you holding your precious hard earned money.

RE : Every single company out

Okay old man (WAR). I get what you are saying but I have to say that every thing comes down to one thing and that is what your client perceives of you. The issue here is that if you alienate your client base by adding a system which in theory sounds like gold and promote system (that there mountain is gold) then force it upon your clients, you are going to run into problems like your clients leaving you and not giving a ****. Now those clients leaving is going to have affect on your bonus/income hence EA going back on their word. It does not take smart *** to know that this was bad idea from the start.

How am I a racist? I could be

How am I a racist? I could be Chinese for all you know, but you don't know, because you are the ignorant ***** here. You really don't know **** about quality when it gets cheaply made in china. Smarter companies will hire out production companies in mexico, or poland, or romania, and guess what... the quality is ten times better in those countries.

How many of those electronics

How many of those electronics are flawed? Have to be constantly returned to the manufacture because of defects? I would rather have something manufactured in south korea (Samsung) before I would have it made in China. Real "Top" electronics aren't made in china because the companies they spend millions of dollars get jipped all the time. That's why companies that do say aerospace would never install a part made in china.

ummm.... haz joke <^

ummm.... haz joke <^>_<^> BIg Company approaches chinaman saying " yoo make circuit board for Big Company but we only pay low low price,... yoo make happen!" So chinaman says "k, yoo send check and we make requested product, cheaply"...................................................... It's not chinamans fault Big Company wanted a LOW PRICE product

Trying to compare EA to

Trying to compare EA to another company is crazy. It's like buying and car from Lamborghini and then them saying for you to get full use out of it you must give us some more money so we can unlock the turbo. If everyone stopped shopping at a perticular supermarket it would impact and but them out of business.

Bad example, because

Bad example, because companies actually do things like that in cars. EA gives you a shortcut to get that turbo for that race game you are playing if you want to use $1 of your hard earned cash instead of playing the game normally trying to unlock turbo for the next 4 hours, and just enjoy the game. Sure from a consumer stand point that seems un-ethical, but from a business stand point its gold. You make it seem like you are owed something because you paid all that money for a full game. Well this is real life, and things are very different regardless of the product there's always some kind of addition for extra price. For instance, an example I can lay out. I bought a Honda, Vehicle handles fine, but the manufacture told me If I paid another $2000 they would install an airflow device to allow my vehicle capable of towing a small carapace behind it. How is that evil? Should I hate Honda because they didn't give me everything for my car? because I paid all that money I should deserve everything?

The only thing I need right

The only thing I need right now is a wife that will not divorce me so she can have half my legacy. So you kids need to really stop bringing these childish attempts to think you know a lot about someone when you can't even wipe your own ***. Why don't you move out of your parents attic and get a job at KFC hahahahahahahahahaha so ******* hilarious.

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