EA Blames Day One Patch For Crashing "All PS4 Games"

Perhaps unsurprisingly, PlayStation 4 ran into a few problems with PlayStation Network succumbing to "extremely high" traffic volume all day and people reporting hardware problems.

Additionally, Electronic Arts posted a note on its support site blaming PS4's day one update for crashing and freezing "all game on PS4, including EA titles."

"Sony has released a firmware update for the PlayStation 4 that is required for many features on the console," the note read. "However, this update also results in stability issues while playing games on the system. This affects all games on the PS4, including EA titles, causing crashing/freezing and non-responsive connections between the player's console and their TV screen. Unfortunately since it's an issue with Sony's firmware, it requires a new update to fix it."

EA explained that there nothing it can do to remedy those problems and that Sony is working to release a new system patch as soon as possible to fix them.

The note was later removed with an EA representative elaborating that it was "posted in error" and that users should refer to Sony's own support site for inquiries regarding PS4 problems.

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Haha there is no one to blame

Haha there is no one to blame but themselves. you'd expect them to learn from ps3 but it repeats itself but I blame the fools for not relising it well be the same. Seriously tho the new TOS is stricter then all the pervious It seems like no one reads it

MS is evil

The last Xbox generation got fed up with how manipulative microsoft is. Gates is an arrogant ***, and his company reflects his arrogance. Forcing unwanted aspects of the new xbox on to the public initiated backlash that I've NEVER seen in console wars… So many people are switching over to Playstation, including myself, that i don't think people really understand whats actually happening.. This is the video gamers way of quietly sticking it to the man. F-U- Microsoft .. For all the headaches ..

F U Brah

Do yourself a favor and do some research. Bill gates isn't apart of MS anymore its that moron Steve Ballmer who's behind the wheel. Gates was a decent guy in my book, but this Ballmer can fall down some stairs.

That's not how company

That's not how company culture (which is what op was referring to) works, you'll understand once you get a real job. Gates was the head of MS for decades, he established the culture of the company, how people work there, what they wear, what time they get to work and leave, what kind of facilities are available for employees to use etc... Even if ballmer took over a few years ago he can't change that kind of thing so quickly. MS is still mostly the same company Gates was running which explains why they're doing so bad as of late, they're still stuck in the 80's.

people getting mad at

people getting mad at themselves really for buying something from the first batch. Yeah it is Sony's fault, but can you seriously say you didn't see anything like this coming? It's been said before release. I wonder if MS is already working on their bugs and learning from Sony. i would still like to get a PS4 but not any of the current versions.


Well, Well, The other day im a troll for telling the truth. I sold my system to my friend for what i paid for it, and hes now selling it on ebay! First you plug it in BRICK! Then the HDMI wont connect, then you cant get the internet to work on it I gave up!! I will never by Crapstation products again!!

how unfortunate, its a good

how unfortunate, its a good thing no other brand new electronic device in the world has these problems.. OH WAIT! haha every new electronics device ever has problems like this. only difference is that i work with the company to get a new one, and gladly the products i buy the companies are quick to fix the problems. out of 12 people i know 8 bought ps4's, 2 dont game, and 2 bought xbox ones that are coming next week. the 8 have had zero problems with it, and neither have i. you just got a bad system, but i guess its a bad system for a bad person so its okay. a company isnt bad because a single object you bought doesnt work. even on a large scale, its not like they create broken consoles on purpose. this goes for every company. its inevitable, it just depends on how they deal with it.


It honestly doesn't matter which console everyone goes with. One of the general reasons I hate Sony so much for the past several years, and A lot of people will agree with me that when Sony releases a Firmware system update either two things happen. Everything goes smooth or, It bricks the system! or renders a portion of the device unusable. Now I won't say Microsoft is any better with their system updates, but I will say you have a better chance of getting an update from Sony that will brick your system than you would with a microsoft "console update."

PS4 patch now with 50% more

PS4 patch now with 50% more broken :D But really, did no one check the firmware update with a few games to see what would happen? One of the reasons I use to buy consoles was the fact patches never came out, and you could just plug and play. Now there just as bad as pc's needing fixes or updates to get stuff working.

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