EA Online Passes Can Expire Too

EA has just added yet another reason for us to loathe it online passes program/scam: now, they can expire.

The issue was brought to light by a NeoGAF forum member who couldn't activate his brand new Need for Speed Hot Pursuit online pass because it was "incorrect or no longer valid." This post prompted several other members to share similar stories.

When asked about the issue, an EA advisor confirmed that "EA's Online Pass can indeed expire for some new games, blocking buyers out of online content until they download a new pass or attain one from EA directly. As a rule, no Online Pass should expire, but a few titles will have a time limit on their use, even for new purchases."

The advisor explained that Dragon Age 2 Online Passes expire on March 31st, 2012, after which users have to get new ones for free from EA.

Needless to say EA's Online Pass EULA fine print has a clause that gives EA the right to do so.

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been boycotting EA since

2004 when they cancelled earth and beyond, a great mmo, that they only ran because Westwood required 2 years for the game that they had worked years on making. EA pulled the plug on the game 2 years and 1 hour after launch.

so yeah, FUCK EA, I hope they rot in hell

Wait for it ...

This being the company that brought out Bioware, who are pushing and funding StarWars: The Old Republic, and, will screw millions when they have them all installing Origin in order to access SW:ToR.

I boycott ea

this is just one more reason why I dont buy ea. I have a modded xbox, a jailbroke ps3 and megagames/gamecopyworld links in my favorites on my pc just for companies like ea. ( I do buy about 8 games per year but none are ea)

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