EA Origin Service Is Allowed To Act As Spyware

As explicit as you would have never imagined, EA's Origin license agreement states that the program is free to act exactly as spyware and that the only way to opt out of that is not to install or use it at all.

According to the service's EULA, by installing the client program the user gives EA permission to identify his computer, operating system, installed/uninstalled software/hardware, and use that information for marketing purposes while merrily sharing it with third party companies.

Origin is required mandatorily to play Battlefield 3 on the PC.

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Mass Effect 3 also requires Origin

Minus one more sale for me also. As much as I love the Mass Effect series, I will not have Origin on my system.

I also got a friend that is trying to get me into Star Wars: The Old Replublic, but to hell if I'm going to install this corporate spyware to play it. Nope. That's another sales down the drain.

******** on paying customers

******** on paying customers creates many a blackbeard. I won't be buying anything prepackaged with this pos. Rather the people will fix it and all will be well.

Then you guys can scratch your heads and wonder why sales are down 45% yet interest is up 50%.

If you want to start forcing a charge for a clerk to open your cigarettes don't be suprised when people ice the clerk and roll their own.

Pc is an unfriendly enviroment as it is for mishaps. What are they suicidal?


Origin is just some ****** attempt at trying to create such a large content delivering system as steam. Steam is already well established and using tactics like forcing players to use the program for the game like steam did many years ago. Trying that now is a monetary suicide on EA's side. People don't always like going with the new Steam ****** off alot of people back in the day.Origin is doing the same, I don't want them to spy on my ****, at least steam gave you the option to send them system specs.

All in all, we don't want yet another program in our computer to run games. Let alone something were not familiar with, and especially when that is detracted away from a service that we already have. If they gave us a choice.I would be happy, although the clear winner would be steam.(EA knows that)

I think Origin will fail, or just make enough money for it to be feasible to keep around.

But was it really worth it to **** off alot of their customers for a few measly bucks.

I am not buying this game unless it is on steam.
(or doesn't force you to use origin)
I'm not alone.


Well done brothers in the fight to BOYCOTT EA, I wont buy any of their new titles, an hope SWTOR GOES DOWN IN FLAMES CAUSE OF IT TOO, STeam is a great service an very well known an established at all times anywhere from 2-4 million people logged on an playing games. EA is going to lose their ***** off an I hope they do. Just like what netflix pulled on their customers, DOWN WITH THE BIGOT CORPORATIONS!

Will never buy

Never going to buy anything EA anymore thats for sure!

Human rights where are you when we need you. There are laws out there to protect us but looks like the multi billion gaming industries are not making enough money on our backs yet. So dont threat people more and more the poor will be preyed on without anything to say because these careless companies have hundreds of high priced lawyers behind them and laws more and more these days only protect the rich and powerful. I say BOYCOTT EA!

#1 Corpo-**** on the market

Shut your ******** kid(s), read actual eula's- I agree its ****** to pay for something then they **** u over with bullshit program strings. heck. facebook and myspace (all the others including steam) have the same thing, the thing is that its free and steam wich has the courtesy to ask you before if you would like to participate in anything.

**** ea and origin, and dont buy ******* another bafflefield3 franchise- Its just going to be as lame as the other's. The only people with a little braincell will understand that by joining this origin and paying hard earned for something. You will actually give them large quantities of unseen information about your system, to make the dickheads even richer.

btw delete your facebook aswell and use your goddamn mobile phone.

Good for business how?

This is a big gamble for EA; if they think people will just roll over and accept this, they're in for a surprise. Some of my friends might, but I know just as many (myself among them) who will boycott this game until the Origin / spyware requirement is removed. I never played BF 2142 because that had something similar (though less invasive) bundled with it. Too bad, BF 3 looks good.

Not legal in all countries

Here in Norway its against the law to force customers to agree to this. Actually most EULAs from USA is illegal here. Nice of Megagames to tell the customers about this. Going to have a talk to a lawyer tomorrow and see if I can stop EA from selling this crap here. Was looking forward to BF3, but not anymore.

Fight Back!

This is exactly why that dude in Arkansas is sueing microsoft for $500 billion. EULAs are unfair and undisputable. Did you know that those beloved Zyanga games of yours on facebook actually steal your personal photos and use them in advertisements? Of course they dont steal them because when you installed the game you authorized them to access your personal information. People need to wake up and fight back against EULAs.


Well, these stipulations don't necessarily mean they WILL be doing these things. EULAs always reserve rights for this stuff, but don't always exercise them.

With that said, even if they do start using information from my PC for marketing purposes and research, I am fine with it. If they down the road collect enough useful data to develop their business around things people actually care about, then that's in the end a good thing.

In some ways it's good to get them some of this information. But they really don't make people feel very comfortable about it and what information they want to collect. It needs to be "useful" but not an invasion of privacy, or dangerous.

Not so

Just a moment: good thing??? OMG. Ok lets see... you just bought yourself a brand new computer to play BF3 and the system tells the company that your brand new 800$ vid card will play it. Good thing sure it is but when they know they start telling vid card companys hey looks like people really like our games and if you pay us X amount of money will make another game thats so complex that people will have to upgrade in about 2 to 3 years to be able to play! DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT! Are you ready to get hosed for another vid card? I dont!Just think about it! And do you really think they care or do you think they care more about their share holders LOL.


Your tinfoil hat is on too tight.

Yeah... no. Video cards today are already invalidated within two to three years if you want to play with bleeding-edge graphics settings. And that's without these scares about dumb EULAs claiming to "steal yer internetz infoz."

Also keep in mind that information gathering (of your hardware, in particular) is gathered in Steam, every crash report you provide to Blizzard, etc.

A publishing company cares about whether you are going to continue to be a part of the community (playing the game hopefully), and if you will purchase more of their titles. They have more interest planning for, and knowing, that the majority of their market is not using the latest-generation graphics cards. They also have to develop for the console in parallel, so you should expect being able to tune your PC game accordingly.

Speak for yourself.

You're talking complete bullshit, and you know it. Try to prove that even one of those things is "scooped" or snooped out by EA. Even full-blown spyware can't obtain that information without keylogging.

With the exception of BF3...

I've pretty much banned EA. What once started as a good gaming developer is becoming another money hungry conglomerate corporation where it's not about the games anymore. Proven time and time again as the "sequel queen" and driving companies they buy out that were once respected game developers into the ground.

I'm tired of the yearly $50 Madden titles (have been for some time actually) that offer little more than updated stats. I'm tired of the failing to deliver & shutting out previous successful franchise IPs except when slapping it's name onto an XBOX arcade game to increase it's value/revenue suits them (Wing Commander, really, just make another real game worthy of the title)

The BF series from DICE is probably the only thing I like coming out from EA and I make the exception for that. But I **** well gaurantee you, I will not be installing Origin. I was skeptic with Steam in the first place, mainly but among other things I didn't want to be required to run another piece of software in memory just to play a game. But over time I became more accepting of steam because they did very well listening to the concerns of their customers and improved based on what they wanted. Now EA wants a piece of that buy and frankly they are doing it dirty.

EA, YOU WANT ME TO USE YOUR ORIGIN, PROVE YOURSELF HONESTLY FIRST, DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO FORCE ME INTO SOMETHING I DON'T WANT. If I wanted your Origin service (nice ripoff btw) I'd just get it. I ordered the CDs so I wouldn't have to and if it is confirmed that an Origin client will be required to play the game I'll wait for the crack, because you know there WILL BE ONE.

OnLive Wont destroy EA

Onlive is barly floating right now. They have maybe 1000 players on at anytime compared to something like steam.
I think that the FREE TO PLAY gaming will eventually destroy **** like EA.
Not even free to play games have these types of EULAs. It is sad because there are people who will not purchase BF3 because of this hunk of **** EA has been filling us with in BF3. I will be one of them. The game will sell alot of copies anyways, but I wont buy the game until mods are able to be implemented and EULAs like origin (which is not even the eula for the game) changed dramatically. I will still enjoy the single player by other means. **** EA


How many of you actually READ E.U.L.A.s? Lots have some pretty crazy stipulations and other information within.

Any of you use Facebook? Myspace? MSN? Google? They, too pull the same ****.

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