Eidos Cofounder: Xbox 720 Requires Always On Internet And Block Used Games

Eidos co-founder Ian Livingston spilled the beans that Xbox 720 / Durango will require always-on internet connection and will block pre-owned games.

"Broadband speed globally isn’t at a level that justifies digital-only,” he told MCV India. “So they’ve gone halfway [...] With the next Xbox, you supposedly have to have an internet connection, and the discs are watermarked, whereby once played on one console it won’t play on another. So I think the generation after that will be digital-only.”

Before its official announcement, rumors had it that PlayStation 4 won’t run used games, but Sony made sure to dismiss that.

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what a joke serios fail for sony true bad move trying to block preownded games what happens if u buy 10 games at and around launch then the shity thing over heats then u gota buy all your games again i guss this carnt be the case all i can see is the revival of pc gaming as we are already in the next gen console's are a waste of money if you are in the know about tec nuff said

look it is all that dumb oafs fault.

at least bill had some passion and some ideas, gates and jobs was good clever technology people, but ballmar that fat head ****** keeps ******* things up. Win 8 was bullshit (dont want it for free), 360 kept dying, vista was a piece of ****, the next xbox sounds like poo..... i dont know, they should shoot ballmar and his arrogant bullshit. this guy is not in touch with reality. i tell you, if it was not for google, we'd still have 5 mb hotmail email accounts! And as long as people let companies rape them and get away with it, they will keep doing it.

What a *****. ------ This

What a *****. ------ This bloke is talking through his ****. His ideas couldn't be enforced entirely as certain countries's consumer laws would be infringed upon and would mean that those particular countries' residents would be exempt. And no, even if you agree to the EULA's upon creating/signing up to an account with whichever console manufacturer, those EULA's can NEVER overide statutory consumer law unless those consumer laws have been rewritten to cater for EULA's. ----- Can you see consumers being told, and accepting, that they can't buy and run used games on their consoles where another country can? ----- Doubtful

sony arent going ot win ****

sony arent going ot win **** ok the ps4 will be just as ***** as the ps3.and all this crap about not playing second hand games was flying around about the ps4 b4 they anounced it so why dont all you retards just wait and see what microsoft says on launch day first b4 you all start saying how bad ms are and that the ps4 is great because i can tell you now the ps4 will be **** just like all other sony stuff.

so what

yeah but not really, having them registered to an account doesn't really stop anyone from selling it and some pc games have an unregister function(gta 4) so you can sell it without giving log in info. PC's give much more freedom anyway.

stop ********

ye are all morons stop complaining about this everything is eventually going to be digital and thats a good thing , its been like that for years for pc eg steam best system ever brought in i never have to worry about losing my disc or it breaking because its save to my profile dont have game shops ripping me off anymore and best off all the price is way better , stop ******** a deal with it use yer heads for once its this is better and of course xbox will have a digital library so if u lose ur disc u will be able to download it the 360 took the first step with it what makes u think there not going to improve on that system come on like bit of common sense once in awhile doesnt hurt

Rip-offs eh?

Just because the middle-man (i.e. EB, other generic video game retailer), is taken out of the equation, anyone who knows how businesses, (and don't be fooled this is BIG business) work, will know that the large publisher will almost always fill that gap, I'd hate to say it but steam is an example that comes to mind. I can find cheaper retail versions of, say "Dishonoured" at my local retailer, cheaper than steam. Don't get me wrong there are great deals on there, but when it comes to providing value for money on AAA titles and making that little bit extra, I know what the big fish do...


okay so if the new xbox breaks and i have 20 games not only can i not sell them but if i got a new console they wouldnt work? and i couldnt take a game round a mates house coz it wouldnt work, and i know a few poeple that have a xbox but no internet so the console wouldnt work, i mean wtf serioulsy, well ps4 for me lol

You think they would have

You think they would have thought this by now. Hopefully they clear things up. I mean they had the same rumour for ps4, but that was not the case. I usually buy all the consoles, but if they really want to go this route, I might hold on to my cash.

Yup Xbox just handed over the

Yup Xbox just handed over the winning title to sony. Seriously how rediculous is that? So unless you buy the game within the release time you'll never play it ever. Thats really going to hurt developers. Ofcourse there will be a console hack for that but still....

Hopefully not entirely true.

Hopefully it isn't true when it comes to the watermark DRM on the Durango... It's still too early to tell whats going to happen. Do we get to keep our Achieve scores? What about all our arcade games? GoD games we've purchased? Just to name a few. But if they do the watermark on the games, I would at least expect a cheaper price for the games from stores. That way it would still be quite competitive with PS4 launching titles at 65$ a pop (USD + TAX). That said... I may just save up enough to build a better computer, and just relax on the pc gaming instead.

The reliability of the

The reliability of the xbox360 is just a joke, I’ve had one for over three years and it’s been nothing but problems. My old PS3 I purchased when it was first released, is still running strong. Playstation 4 it is.

It's honestly based on how

It's honestly based on how well you keep your 360 in shape, unforunitely if you keep it in a place where it sogs up the heat its without a doubt will over heat and rrod sooner than later in its life cycle. I've had 3 360's, and only 1 failed because of the over heat issue. The new slim models are without a single fault except for the disc drive will fail eventually just like the ps3 disk drive with constant use. I know a guy who still has a launch 360, runs smooth as silk, guy even plays 5-8 hours a day regularly on it. It's based how well you maintain a good airflow, a good cool location, and of course load the games to a hard-drive if you can. Sadly I do agree the reliability of the 360 when it first launched was beyond words awful, but they did eventually fix the issue, and at least they were doing something about repairs.

Well, my 360 was In A perfect

Well, my 360 was In A perfect dust free mild 20 degrees C room, away from the wall or any thing that can block the fan, but I still got the rrod. Even my launch ps3 got the ylod, but I've had it for a few years befor it happened. My 360 was a month old.


And to think. After the **** storm that the new version of windows brought us, not to mention their *******cellphones.....you'd think they would try to redeem their names with the Xbox. Nope. Sorry. They enjoy being greedy dicks so much its hurting them.


Rly? I hope this isn't true, might as well start saving for a ps4. This gen I had both consoles,3 Xbox 360 and 1 ps3...why? Games! Had the 360 from 2007 to 2011, then sold it as the exclusives were scarce...have a ps3 now, I like games not the brand, and I hate when companies try to hike the consumer, im against digital distribution on consoles, and this game locking scheme. For 2 very important things: 1) if I paid for my game its mine! If I want I can set it on fire, this is as stupid as music being locked to 1 device or not being able to playback your mp3 on a speaker because other people didn't pay for the license of the song so they cant hear it. 2)For generation to generation hardware architecture changes, this mean that game that were brought via digital distribution wont be playable on future consoles. The same goes if after the console's lifecycle the hard drive breaks... Congrats you just got yourself a big *** paperweight that cant read any games. Ate least on steam im sure my games are always compatible even on diferent operating systems, thats why its acceptable. It may be locked to your account but you can use it on any P.C., anytime. And if MS pulls this stunt they'll lose everyone they attracted this gen.

Just to address your second

Just to address your second statement., while the architecture does change dramatically between console gens, it really makes no difference if the software (game) is stored in a disk or hard drive, they have the same likelihood or working on the next gen box.

No comment....just wanted say

No comment....just wanted say my captcha cause it's too good to waste....."eat out" But now that I'm here....There is no way I would buy a console if it had either one of the things mentioned. I refused to play Diablo 3 because it required a constant internet connection so there is no way I'd play a console that required one. And if PS4 can play resold game and the 720 can't, that will be a disasterous decision by MS and will actually kill the console. I dont' think that they are that stupid to actually make that a feature. Favoring corporations over consumers is NEVER a good business practice.

well wait for someone to hack it, then buy one.

the library will have become larger and sweater the prices would have come down and the hardware would have matured and all the RRODs will have been taken care of..., let the people with more money then sense become the PAID beta testers.................. was just thinkin' though. Why the **** are people paying to play a game that wast their real time/life (put hourly rate of pay here say 8 pounds/hour and add it up) that the creator get paid to make wasting his life but he is paid... this is one of the reasons people get paid for their time at work, who pays you for clocking the titles and becoming bots and whatnot? maybe i'm just getting old, life is short as it is... movies on the other hand 2 hours average and you're done... the japanese lot are daydreaming to their graves some killing themselves when they look at themselves in the mirror and realising that **** cutsy anime girl is not going to come out of the screen anytime soon. Their nation is also in decline along with south korea, also heavy online gaming addicted retards! Adam and Eve (not Steve to the gays) was sent here to **** and produce babies and have wars keeping the big Lord happy/entertained. i can see the chinamanZ (China and Japan) falling out one time, like north and south Korea; I just see them as one and the same chinese looking people but they are ready to **** each other ... why not wait till their enemy the U.S come and beat on them like before....... forget it.


Most likely not true and besides I'm amazed at all the people excited for a new cage...I mean console. The fact that console gamers accept to buy games and let someone else control when and how they play is totally disgusting as a whole, Another thing is they can't do what they want with their own honestly bought game (piracy aside). I don't feel sorry for all the people giving in to those methods hopefully one day they'll be bitten so hard they'll wake up that actually they don't own anything cause once that server goes down you're ****** for good and you're left with a useless game. I'll never buy a console in my life, ever. I want to own the games I buy not long-term rent them. Have a good day.

By the sounds of it, what he

By the sounds of it, what he says isn't anything official. Could this guy, a co-founder of a game publisher just be giving his opinion on how the next Microsoft console should be? Sounds sus' coming from a publishing company. I guess well have to wait and see...

No he couldn't just be giving

No he couldn't just be giving his opinion. While there is no way to know if what he's saying is a fact, it's fair to assume that he has access to some inside info and what he said was at least considered by MS. If it'll actually happen remains to be seen.

If this is true I don't know

If this is true I don't know what to say..Then again I guess it should matter t me since most of the games I like are n PS.. and some on Nintendo (even though I haven't tried must of the Wii games) Wouldn't Micro be committing suicide here? Can't be real right? I don't do the whole who win and lose but Sony and prob even Nintendo would come out on top i think. Then again why do I care? Just saying. Not a fanboy, I'd play Xbox just won't buy one


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