Epic Games Explain How Co-op Ruined Bulletstorm

Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski revealed that co-op play was fully implemented in Bulletstorm but it was removed after the play-testing showed that it ruined the game experience.

"It was in there at one point and it actually worked, but we found that the game shifted from being this kind of puzzle-shooter into essentially this downhill skiing simulator, where people were seeing how fast they could get to the bottom of the mountain," Bleszinski told The Telegraph. "Really the game just broke down, and it was a situation where people would race through the game, ignoring the vistas and they wouldn't set up as many skillshots."

"So when we made the decision to go straight campaign, it gave us the chance to put in one-offs that could only be controlled by one player, like the giant robotic dinosaur, where you don't have to worry about Player 2, or slow motion one-offs that could only occur in a single-player game."

It is worth noting that Bulletstorm does have multiplayer support, including "Anarchy" mode where up to 4 players team together to fight increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

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Co-op is still in the game

"You and your friends are not playing my game right, so we took out co-op, so you have to solo the game."

By the way, Co-op is still in the game, so I have no idea how this is news. Why not post a source for us to verify?

Nope, it's pretty bad

No, Gears is pretty much shit. It plays OK then decides to be a platformer for a while and is just terrible. And I have rarely seen a dumber story or worse characters. I know that Master Chief (as an example of another terrible character) has no personality but if the alternative is frat boy 12 year olds, I'll go with the emotionless killing machine any day. I know this plays into the PS3/XBox 360 fanboy war but maybe we could all just agree that some games are good and some are shit and it doesn't really matter what system they're on. We'll end up with better games that way. Brand loyalty will kill my favorite hobby.

Money making deadlines kill features

That's not all they kill.
In the worst scenario, it could also kill an entire system!

In all cases it is a strain on the programmer(s) mind(s) & computer(s).
And don't get me started on copyright: the single most disruptive invention of mankind apart from the democratic process of voting on decisions, based on reports, so long, They’ll Never Read All That, unless they just happen to carry a brain equivalent to a supercomputer on their shoulders. May be an insider!

It's never a good idea to push out a product simply with the aim of profit, unless you lack empathy, then you really can't see any other reason(s) for anything, or care!

some times less is more

there are a lot of games that do co-op well. But I am glad that they saw tis early and changed it. When I play co- op it does make me feel rushed. Some games just need to be played solo.... Sometimes I miss solo games.

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