Epic Games teases upcoming title to push graphics boundaries

Epic Games has done a lot of teasing over the past couple of years. It teased Fortnight in 2011, it teased us with videos of the latest engine and then teased us with the Infiltrator and Samaritan tech demos. While it might have opened up the door on its Fortnite game and shown us a lot through recent reveals, it's once again being all vague and discussing a new game it has in the works that will push the boundaries of game graphics - apparently.

In a chat with Edge, studio co-founder Tim Sweeney said that there was a lot coming from Unreal Engine 4 in the next few months: “There’s a lot on the way and a large number of them haven’t been announced. You’ll see lots of triple-A stuff coming out over time.”

However, it was on the subject of Epic's own developed games that he was most coy about, stating that the game it had in the works would show us what the next-generation of graphics is really capable of:

“It’s going to push next generation graphics as you’d always expect Epic to do," he said.

Unfortunately that's all we really have on the game at the moment, though you could speculate that it won't be anything like Fornite or many of the other Unreal Engine 4 games that have a cartoony or artsy style. Chances are whatever game is being developed will look similar to the tech demos we've seen previously, as Epic plans to use it to showcase the new engine.

“At the beginning of the last generation we were using Gears Of War as a demonstration of the engine’s high end featureset." While Fornite will do that for this generation initially, expect Epic to use its new AAA title to push the engine when it's revealed, most likely later this year.

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Wonder if anyone else is thinking what I am.

Epic....Shut the **** up and make a new Unreal Tournament, please. See that, I displayed manners by saying please but I feel that the Shut the **** up part needs to remain. And don't try that yearly Madden crap like you did before. Unless all the games of an IP are linked by thick plot development it is a bad idea to release the IP title closer than 2 years apart, DLC's will help keep it alive during that time as long as they aren't overpriced and and too heavily releyed on for a vanilla experience. Hell I would settle for an Unreal Remake.

Are there still people who

Are there still people who care a lot about graphics in video games? I'm trying to work out if it's a phase that I've grown out of or if the improvements are just becoming so nit-pickingly minute that it doesn't even really matter anymore... for reference the last time I was excited about graphics was when people started modding SSAO into games but it was too processor-intensive and framehogging to be used for real gaming.


It adds immersion, I get thrown out of a games immersion when I notice bad textures, lighting or shadows. And before someone says that 'a good story can immerse you just as much' I will say that I agree, but why not do as much as possible for immersion? And if just a story was good enough I would only need to play old school pen and paper games. So even though you may not need graphics, others do

Deus Ex? BioShock?

Deus Ex? BioShock? Borderlands? Chivalry? Dishonored? The Fable remake? Remember Me? Postal 2? Spec Ops: The Line? Thief? X-Com? I've just taken troll-bait, haven't I, because what kind of moron would think the engine a game runs in would directly determine its art direction. None of these look anything like Mass Effect. If it were the case that the engine that was used is what determined whether a game is good or not nobody would ever touch anything made in Unity, Source, or id Tech.

Deus Ex? = ****

Deus Ex? = **** BioShock? = **** specially the last one. Borderlands? = **** Chivalry? = **** Dishonored? = Worst game I have played this year The Fable remake? = **** Remember Me? = **** Postal 2? = Like goat simulator, over hyped **** by little girls who think its "mental" to **** on a grave. IE **** Spec Ops: The Line? = **** Thief? = **** X-Com? = **** rip-off trying to milk the IP Unity3d = **** it is compatible with Flash Stage3D Source = **** outdated rubbish milked for a decade ID Tech = ****, see RAGE Also you are right though, I was getting confused with UT online = **** So to put it all together. There is nothing good about Unreal.

MrTimz outdid MJ a couple of

MrTimz outdid MJ a couple of years ago, this guy has a lowercase L instead of an i in his name and his pic is a bit more zoomed in than the original mrtimz, hes just a fanboy trying to live up to the other guys name and fame. He did show up at the height of mrtimz trolling spree.

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