External Storage Support Coming To Xbox One Soon

Microsoft's Major Nelson confirmed that Xbox One will receive support for external storage devices in an upcoming firmware update.

"Lots of good work going on to make the console even better - some you'll see soon, some will show up later," he said on Reddit. Later on, he added a comment stating that "External game storage is coming soon."

Unfortunately, Major Nelson was not able to pinpoint a timeframe for the update to come; nor was he able to give any details regarding supported devices or capacity limits. "When I have details on that , I'll let you know," he promised.

Xbox 360 external storage support is limited to 32GB only.

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My PS4

And while xboners are concerned about their storage, I installed a 1.5tb SSHD in mine and I got nothing to worry about. PS4 > Xbone.

Major Nelson?

Is that like the next step up in wrastlin' from a full? Anyway on ta 'dis M$ binness. Whaaaat tha faaaack? External storage? Like hella? They don't already have that? Good job M$, you've just made another very teeny weeny little baby step towards making your crappy console a bit more like a desktop/TV PC but since I can easily & inexpensively hold terabytes & terabytes of data on whatever fucking device I like using one of those PCs instead, I'll be sticking with that.


I know the new cd smell is awesome but it is not advised to actually eat any optical media. Super powers are not given and the folks at the Emergency room are never as understanding as you would think.

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