E.Y.E. Developer Is Making a 40k Space Hulk FPS

We're barely a few days off from the launch of the digital remake of the Space Hulk board on the PC and yet already it looks like another property based on the 40k spin off game is being worked on. This time it's not related to the board game however, as it's a first person shooter, being developed by the guys behind E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy.

However StreumOn isn't alone working on this one. Turn based veterans and developer of the Blood Bowl online game, Cyanide, is also co-producing. The publisher will be Focus Home Interactive, the company behind Wargame Airland Battle and upcoming puzzler FPS, Magrunner.

According to the pamphlet (viewable in full in the gallery to the left), players take on the role of a DeathWing Terminator Librarian. A space wizard with super powered armoured and genetic modifications. You're the best of the best of the best, but you'll get creamed if the aliens get up close.

Which is what I imagine you'll be fighting a lot of. In dull, dark corridors. Space Hulk isn't about FPS action, it's about strategy, team management and fear at the unknown numbers of aliens waiting for you around the corner. This idea is a bust if you ask me.

What do you guys think?

[Cheers AGB]

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People just dont care.

A response taken out of many from a programming blog of some naïve programmer that thinks he understands sound and arithmetic claiming the same as you. *As someone who actually does a lot of DSP work I have to disagree. Hardware channel mixing, audio latency, resampling, and so on are all often handled very poorly by multi-purpose processors. 3D and HRTF's although 'cool sounding' are not the most resource intensive functions a card, or audio application will perform. 'Perfect' polyphase or bandlimited interpolation techniques will consume far more resources than they will. Most any processor today, including current i7's, xeons, etc can be bogged down by resampling alone. Let alone noise shaping, dithering, hard limited, and so on. We're a long way off from no longer needing sound cards. The only reason they wouldn't matter is if audio quality isn't something that matters. Which is sometimes the case. Also onboard sound cards are generally atrocious. I'd put them about on par with your average onboard graphics adapter in quality. No sample rate switching, no hardware mixing, no hardware dac, high latency. I realize this may seem pedantic, but really it's not. The onboards aren't crappy compared to some studio level expectation. They're crappy by most standards. In many cases when you're listening to lossy audio, sent through a crappy resampler, with a ton of gain added through some relatively low end speakers of course you're not going to notice. When you start talking about high end headphones, or monitors however, it often will be noticeable in more ways than one. Your audio setup is only as strong as its weakest link, and if you're using an onboard... it's not your monitors/headphones.* My take: Sound processing is one of the most task expensive processes in the universe, you are out of your mind and still inside this universe if you think you can simply dump that on a common CPU and still come out a winner.


Never said I expect that from them but it what FPS are measured by. Relic could do it, they managed it for DOW. It isnt pretty much emulated unless you relate to 1 and 2 and its hardware based and software considering you need the soundboard and OpenAL. Mostly everone has an EAX card somewhere. Mostly nobody has on chip sound compatible with OpenAL and even less for the latest versions. If they do, its a wrapper. I think of a few cards that emulate EAX 3 through OpenAL, emulate. Some of them PCI-E. But whats the difference between needing a card that supports the latest OpenAL release or using EAX and a Creative card. Or, whats the difference between the common OpenAL implementation and their 32 voices dedicated hardware or CPU based with the 128 voices Creative hardware based or OpenAL or hundreds of voices with OpenAL and them bringing cpus to their knees... The difference is MS and Nvidia. Phys-X isnt a joke, its just that lazy timed budget programmers arent into it. And no, you cant have a game working with everything the developer kits offers with the best CPU money can buy today. Meaning, if I create a scene and use every effect found in the SDK it will blow up any CPU in real time, more so if I multiply the effects within a mild manner. In fact, you cant even do so with current gen shaders.

It was about time

I dont think the rpg aspect of Space Hulk is that important for an FPS. What I think is important is amazing graphics, amazing animation, amazing physics, amazing AI, amazing use of EAX, amazing story and amazing 4 team coup and multiplayer. I mean, its space hulk, you really cant level up a team of hundred year old war veterans but you might find a relic weapon on one of those ships or if you take another path, maybe activate a dread and see him kick arse blowing stuff up while you are giving strategic orders to the rest of the team. What you really want to see in a space hulk fps is the sight of awesome close combat through the terminator visor, in which you can see your companions getting in with an advanced dynamic animation system that makes the combat look real. Mix that with some exploring, shooting, alternative paths, fear, tension and so forth and you got what space hulk is all about.

All i read was

"What I think is important is amazing graphics, amazing animation, amazing physics, amazing AI, amazing use of EAX, amazing story and amazing 4 team coup and multiplayer." - Right there you already set yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations with what is sure to be yet another shitty Warhammer game targeted at people just like you. By the way EAX is a fucking joke just like Phys-X, it's all pretty much software emulated anyway.

Unique? You should try games

Unique? You should try games from the late 90's/early 2000's, I know you were just a larva back then but try them out. I guarantee you'll find dozens upon dozens of games like that. Rehashing the old is not unique, it's cheap. FYI E.Y.E. is heavily based on system shock if you don't feel like digging through the golden age of gaming.

"Guys it's not unique because

"Guys it's not unique because there were also completely unrelated first person RPG's in the 90's so you must be little kids who never played any older games (I'm 25 BTW and a huge fan of cyberpunk RPG's from the last few decades which is why I fell in love with EYE in the first place but whatever) look at how superior I am for pointing out obvious and irrelevant stuff" < This is you

Ok then mr 25, let me paste

Ok then mr 25, let me paste the definition of unique from a dictionary "existing as the only one or as the sole example;single; solitary in type or characteristics" - So yea, if a completely unrelated (lol the base of a game is unrelated to it, do you even read what you type?) game from the 90's did it before then there is NO WAY you can call the modern rehash unique, unless you don't know what the word means. Look at how superior I am for pointing out obvious yet quite relevant stuff which you missed completely because you're a 25 years old with serious consistency and logical thinking issues. There is nothing unique, innovative or new about E.Y.E. it's just a mashup of older games with updated (although not current) graphics and very shoddy UI. That says something about its development team and is the reason why I show disdain towards the new game they're working on.

So by your definition

So by your definition literally nothing ever can be unique if something is vaguely in the same ballpark as another thing? Like, not painting can ever be unique because of strict categorising issues? Every emotion is universal because they're still feelings, just different ones? Tell me, why do people with Aspergers such as yourself always point out "Logical Thinking Issues" where not only are they none, but none apply because they're not issues that can be derived logically? Is it because you have such a poor grasp of functional language that you revert to mathematical-style thought processes to determine your responses and actions in the world? Because that must be a sad, sad life you lead but to ally explains why you will never, ever understand EYE so I guess we found the kind of person who doesn't "get" art in you right? You'd really benefit from something higher than a middle school education.


Sounds pretty generic, for a Warhammer 40K game that is. Needs more info than: " A space wizard with super powered armoured and genetic modifications goes around and kills stuff." I mean seriously, that's all the details on the game you got?

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