A Few New GTA V Details Emerge


In the latest issue of Japanese magazine, Famitsu, some extra details were let slip about Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto sequel. We now know that while the rest of the world will get the game on September 17th, Japan won't see its console release of the game until October 10th.

On top of that, there's going to be up to 15 different species of wild animal within the game, all of which can be hunted - though it's not clear what impact this has on the game or if it will be part of the story in any meaningful way.

Speaking of animals, players, will get their own dog in the game, one that they can actually lose if they're negligent - so make sure to shut the door behind you when you leave the safe house.

According to the CVG breakdown of the article, a big focus has also been put into different walking animations, making each of the main characters move around in vastly different ways.

This is all new information, though you might have spotted a few details of the walking part in the latest GTA V trailer, released last week.

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Grand Theft Tomagatchi Grand Theft Pokemon Another game in So Cal... why not just make another Zombie Apocalypse game that takes place in a small town / urban area. While I'm sure I'll buy it... kind of disappointed to hear it's a repeat of past versions. They should have done a Vice City remake. I'm actually looking more forward to Saints Row then this. Use to be die hard GTA now I can't play GTA without comparing to Saints Row...

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