First new Unreal Tournament footage appears

Unreal Tournament

If there's one thing I've learned since starting to write here at Megagames, it's that 90 per cent of the readers are grumpy old curmudgeons, so I feel pretty safe in announcing news that one of the older gamer's favourites, Unreal Tournament, is making a return soon and we have the first batch of footage to boot.

It's in the very early stages of development right now, with just some simple movement and shooting mechanics, but there is a fully functional shock rifle with both fire modes in the game.

In the above footage, the first deathmatch between the developers takes place as they test out new mechanics and notice that one player has managed to figure out how to glitch their way on to the top of the wall.

The new Unreal Tournament will be entirely free, not just free to play, according to Epic, which plans to make back its money by taking a cut of the sales of mods and maps between players and modders.

Ticking a few more gamer boxes, the developers are all veterans of the franchise, so know what they're doing when it comes to crafting a competitive, multiplayer focused shooter - that doesn't subscribe to modern Call of Duty tropes - and they're making it compatible with Mac and Linux operating systems as well as Windows.

So you bunch of assholes, does this news please you, or no?

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Equally, there was something

Equally, there was something to the movement of the first UT that was left behind with the rest of them. They just didnt feel right to me and I tried. Its as if they mixed the pacing of UT with Q3 and a perverted bastard chinless wonder was born out of it. My record on UT 99 head shots, 1 death. Distant Worlds. My inspiration, "3dfx" HL player. Never seen him/her again. If you are here 3dfx, I finally reached your level and surpassed it.

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He is right, megagames has a lot of grumpy guys and gals. This is a blind shot but, I think most of the users are in their 30s and 40s. News in the whole world is mostly copy and paste. Cannot fight that. Thats why we have editorials and why anyone can post news on the site. Hey, keep writing. Megagames will always be a place for hardcore players and a crack site. We are the only ship decent enough to accept all but never sell out.

well at least you actually

well at least you actually wrote the article! Was getting sick of you doing your usual copy and past plagiarism. You wonder why most people on here are grumpy. MG went down hill after the turn over. You need news like the old MG had. Like the new tec hardware and stuff that used to be on here. I ask you please no more copy and past from other articles. about 90 per cent of your articles on here you don't even write your self.


I'm still bitter over how things went down with UT3. It's nice to see the PC gamers aren't just an afterthought this time around, but I suspect it's only because they failed so miserably when they tried to ditch the PC market in favor of consoles. Another concern I have is their plan to support this game through taking a cut of mod and map sales... It's cool that the game is free, but my previous install of 2k4 has well over 1000 custom maps and mods. I don't know how much they plan to charge per map/mod, but I'm guessing I won't be able to have an experience like 2k4 unless I break the bank. I'd really like to hear how they plan on handling servers with custom content now that it's going to cost us. Will only the hosts have to buy the content? Or will everyone who wants to play on said server be forced to purchase every map and mod used therein?

Feel free to calm down with

Feel free to calm down with the insults. I understand you might be upset over megagames calling you an asshole, but that was megagames, not me. The article here makes no mention of the game being developed solely by fans. If this is the case then yeah, we really are just an afterthought and I've lost even more faith.

Very grown up !

What a twat the writer is, great way to kill your own site - slag the readers off and expect them to put up with it, he`s no better than the console war jerks !

Asshole here.

Yep asshole here as well. I couldn't be less apologetic about it. I use words that offend hypersensitive people, because they're stupid, brain-dead sheeple, I'M AN ASSHOOOOOLE!

"so I feel pretty safe in

"so I feel pretty safe in announcing news that one of the older gamer's favourites" - Really? Cause UT was always trash, each version was nothing more than a rip off of other games that were popular back in their time. I expect this to be no different after all, it's made by fans who enjoyed cheap rip offs wrapped in shiny graphics. "So you bunch of assholes," - Whoa, language! If you want to talk like that you should probably post an anonymous comment, that's one thing you didn't learn since you started writing for MG.

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? UT was always the highlight of multiplayer first person shooters (Well, 99 and 2004 were anyway. The less we mention 2003 the better tbh. UT3 was good but a little behind its time.) IDK everyone thought Quake 3 was boring and suffered from poor gameplay design and other games released around the time always seemed to rely on gimmicks or graphical fidelity over gameplay.

It had more than one game

It had more than one game mode if you'd care to have ever actually played it - or any other game released around the time that you claim it is inferior to. The most memorable (for me) being Domination and Assault which were far from 'pointless fragfest[s]', encouraging strategy and teamwork above simply killing for a number. And you're discounting the vast array of varied community created game modes and content which were integral to the UT experience - clearly what Epic are choosing to focus on in this iteration.


Where do you people come from? You are everywhere. Every article, its always negative. Oh shit. Got.

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