First Portal 2 DLC Is Free On All Platforms

Valve announced that the first DLC (downloadable content) for Portal 2 is in development and targeted for this summer.

Portal 2 DLC #1 will offer new "test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more."

Targeted for release this summer, Portal 2 DLC #1 will be offered free of charge for the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Portal 2 was released April 19 and currently holds a Metacritic score of 95%.

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PC v console

This is soo funny. Just this weeekend i was doing a gaming night with a buddy at his house. I brought over my xbox360 and my laptop.
My laptop ended up offering us more value(we didnt' care what game we played) because i just loaded up my steam account (50 +games) plugged in two controllers, plugged my HDMI cable from my laptop to his 50" HD TV and off we went.

The graphics were just as good on my laptop as the 360. (graphics are better because my laptop is 6 months old and the technology is newer).

this just goes to show how close PC's (laptops particular) are just like gaming consoles. except i can do FAR MORE on them.


Console have imroved the gaming market for everybody...the games/graphics are the same and for as low as $200 you can get a xbox and have very nice graphics. PCs are to demanding in specs and not everyone has the cash...pc games excludes are large amount of people due to the price of a graphics card. Look at Crysis 1...great game but nobody could play it on normal looking graphics. The pc industry killed it self. Console games work on all systems. Just you wait until the new xbox or will be better than a pc because of its price and im sure the AA, screen res will be much much better.

DLC is...DLC...unless its rockstar DLC its usually crap.


They've improved the MARKET. The money that can be made off them, adn the super-simplistic, cut & paste games that we've been getting too much of these past few years.

Games have become (mostly) short, expensive, unimaginative, bland, repetitive, and.. well, boring.

A simple, but good example of this is the horrendous propagation of short-haired, brunette, early 30's male protagonist lead male character.

As a clear console-chump, you've clearly hit the nail on the head as to why console success is now dominant.

Simple, cheap, easy.

Console games have always been relatively basic, but now they truly ARE pulling PC gaming down. And gaming in general.


Alright first thing you said is complete BS Consoles are holding back Graphics in a big big way. I mean anyone can get a GPU that can put out better graphics than any of the consoles for less and 100 Bux. So It's not really a price issue as far a graphics go anymore. the consoles that really matter xbox 360 and PS3 both have GPU's that can only utilize up to DX9 Performance. Now guess where PC's with their GPU's are we are on DX 11 and the PS3 is supposed to have a 10 year life span....i mean come on

DLC was made for consoles for a way for stupid people to pay for the full game twice take borderlands for instance. Someone who bought it upfront when it came out spent 60 Bux on it for the Xbox or PS3. Now will all of the DLC they came out with it was another 10 Bux each and there where 4. So that 60 Dollar game just cost you 100 because of DLC 6 years ago it would have been 60 Bux with everything. Today games devs have gotten lazy now when games you can ship it and not have to worry about bugs and really testing the game anymore. or whats worse is say your " Beta Testing it" witch is lazy speak for there are bugs and we are to lazy to do the work ourselves to lets release parts of the game and let these mules do out work for up and still make them pay 60 bux for the game. Ss all the consoles have internet connections and now we can patch them 10 years ago when i game came out it was great it was complete and if there was a bug oh well but again console have improved the game market... give me a break

you know it's console fan boys like you who spout your mouth off when you should have just kept it shut. You have no idea what you talking about to give real fan boys who know what they are talking about a bad name

Implying what?

You are Correct the GPU power is what really matters BUT if i where to take a GPU and cock it to say 4Ghz but inside the GPU all it could do where DX8 Instructions it really wouldn't matter that i could draw the screen at 3000 FPS because the Horse power behind that particular hardware is lacking

So to sum that part of my argument up the GPU's in the consoles can only do DX9 because DX 10 and 11 need more instructions with in the GPU it's self in order to the more advanced Graphics

New to the PC Realm.... wow i laughed at that one


"if i where to take a GPU and cock it to say 4Ghz but inside the GPU all it could do where DX8 Instructions it really wouldn't matter that i could draw the screen at 3000 FPS" - Actually it would, if you can draw at 3000 FPS it means you can either add more stuff to the scene or make the exiting objects/characters more detailed, either with more geometry, textures or better lightning. The thing that matters about dx11 is hardware tessellation. All it does is allow developers to subdivide meshes according to certain curve functions, increasing the polycount during the rendering phase (as opposed to doing it while modelling). Apparently the performance loss from tessellation is better than if the model was made with the extra polygons from the start, but also limited to shapes that can be represented by mathematical functions. It can results in faster physics processing too when comparing a tessellated model with a model made with extra polygons. However the physics will be far more realistic on the extra polygon model as the extra geometry obtained by tessellation wont be used in the physics calculation, potentially making objects behave in strange or unintuitive ways (anyone who plays garrysmod or any other physics sandbox comes across such problems). Long story short, you don't need new instructions to advance graphics, all you need is faster hardware. New instructions provide easier means to do it or fake it (like tessellation).


Pretty sad when the words "Free DLC" is deemd noteworthy.

Before console-itis infected PC gaming, and gaming in general, DLC was always expected to be free.

But one nice thing about the Portal games; user-created maps. Woo.

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