GameStop Halts PlayStation 4 Preorders Due To High Demand

GameStop has halted PlayStation 4 preorders due to unexpected high demand.

"Due to high demand for the system, GameStop is not currently taking additional store reservations for the PlayStation 4," the store said in a statement.

Customers willing to buy PlayStation 4 can register their emails in a notification list in order to be notified when preorders are resumed. Xbox One preorders are still available through GameStop. In fact, Xbox One preorders are highly promoted on GameStop’s main page.

PlayStation 4 preorders are still available through a lot of retailer. However, GameStop is not the only big chain to halt them. Toys R Us has also halted PlayStation 4 preorders while Amazon offers them but commits to deliver at launch for customers who buy a software bundle along with it.

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Called it.

You got it nail on the head. Remember my comment on the article a few weeks ago when MS changed it's mind on DRM? Pre-order numbers were freaking MS out (especially Amazon and Gamestop). Had to make the comment, since I saw some people saying how good a company MS was for "caring" about the fans. Not so, it was about sales numbers.


They certainly start bending to the will of the consumers when sale figures are low, don't they. Capitalist pigs! as long as margins are high they don't give a **** about us.

My motto: Treat others as you would like to be treated.


It's even worse in a communist system - no competition - they won't give a crap about what you think. $ won't have power over them cause they take away your money whether you want it or not.

Sounds like Korea, lol

That's why I consider myself an Anarchist. It's doesn't matter what system you are under - it is all set up in a systematic way to screw over the little guy. Beggars cant be choosers, I guess.

My motto: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

it's time microsoft got their

it's time microsoft got their ***** kicked, for all their failed promises, greed, and low quality hardware. even current gen cosoles, the ps3 has surpassed xbox 360, and xbox 360 had a year head start, advantage. i used to be a big xbox guy, but after 6 RLODs and having to pay $50-$60 a year for xbox live i decided to try ps3 in 2010. i've never gone back. ps3 is superior in many ways. and PS4 is more powerful, and SONY's build quality is excellent. GO SONY!!!

Go find me a pc which is more

Go find me a pc which is more powerful for the price...... Still waiting.... How about double the price?.... Bet you have to trebble the price at the very least and if you want quality too how about quadruple the price. As for your opinions on Sony and Microsoft, lol of course Intel, AMD and Nvidia are non corrupt, interested in the users input and generous beyond belief. Your just a ******* idiot pc gayboy lol

why are PCs so expensive? Consoles!

When the first PS came out it was more expensive than a pc whith the same power. The problem started when the big corporations focused on consoles because gaming is the one thing that pushes technology forward = less PCs being bought and prices going up. So Buy PCs and sc+§w consoles. Otherwise its just going to get worse.

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