Gearbox Still Owes 3D Realms Duke Nuke'm Royalties


While the world and his dog might have moved on long ago from Duke Nuke'm Forever and its lacklustre appearance after over a decade and a half of development, apparently 3D Realms, the original IP owner, hasn't. According to a new report, it's suing developer Gearbox, because it hasn't been paid over two million dollars in royalty payments.

3D Realms maintains that Gearbox breached its contract, by not following through with royalty and advance payments for the game. On top of that though, Realms is also claiming Gearbox blocked an independent ordit of its royalties.

“3D Realms has therefore been required to file this lawsuit to enforce the purchase agreement, to recover the amounts due and owing from Gearbox and to enforce the audit right provided by the agreement to enable it to conduct an audit of Gearbox's royalties,” reads the complaint.

Gearbox hasn't been keeping quiet however, releasing its own statement that seemed indignant at 3D Realms' suit, suggesting that it was in-fact the only company that made any money on the game, due to its poor critical and consumer reception.

The reason this deal has gone sour however, isn't because the game did poorly, it's supposedly to do with the fact that Gearbox took on nearly $3 million of 3D Realms' debt when it acquired the Duke Nuke'm license. However, after the game started selling (poorly) it decided that it only needed to pay royalties to Realms, after it had recouped the debt investment.

This wasn't part of the original deal.

Still, it's all a bit odd since 3D Realms doesn't really develop anymore. While there are a few of the old guard still kicking around, it's mostly publishing mobile versions of its old games and working with other developers on new projects.

It's certainly not the Apogee or 3D realms of old.

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For a second I thought you were just brain dead. But then it clicked, the author must be the brain dead one for misspelling "Audit"... My 10 year old niece can write better publications than this.

Duke Nukem

Duke 3D was and is great. Forever sucked. Better it should have stayed vaporware. I did play it and was very let down. However, a contract is a contract and needs to be fulfilled. Guess the courts will decide who is "right". I am guessing 3D Realms??

I think you're right. And I

I think you're right. And I would add that Gearbox are good at butchering good IPs (Aliens colonial marines!!?) only this time, they only made things worse by stealing the game in the process after failing to respect their contract. If they would have made a good DNF they wouldn't have any problems paying the 2 millions.

If you fungshui the 16bit

If you fungshui the 16bit ****, Duke 3D was mostly a Doom killer. That is what stood out most or perhaps the fact it used true 3D maps and geometry, where as Doom used visual tricks in order to give the illusion of height or depth. The maps in Doom were in fact flat as a board.


Sad Duke Nukem went from an iconic landmark in gaming history to the highly criticized mess it is now. Although, don't we really have ourselves to blame for that? What worked well back then doesn't necessarily work well today and gamers worldwide were ******** for a remake... Good luck paying back that debt...

Whilst that might be the case

Whilst that might be the case, gamers like me failed to see any good coming of a game that was to be released 5-6 years after it should have been, my apprehension being justified after Gearbox announced that they had acquired the rights to finish the game. I didn't play it in the end, and from the sound of things, I think that was the best thing for me as my memory of it has been soiled by that gaming ****.

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