GeForce GTX 480 Photos And Specs Leaked

ATI's Radeon 5870 and the rest of its DirectX 11 GPU family has been available in market for 6 months now while Nvidia irons up its highly anticipated Fermi GPU lineup.

Turkish site, Donanimharber, managed to get their hands on the first official photos of Nvidia's upcoming high end DirectX 11 Fermi-based graphics card, the GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 470.

Specs and pricing of both cards have been revealed by VR-Zone. According to the publication, the cards are scheduled for March 26th release. The GTX 480 features a core clock of 700MHz, shader clock of 1401MHz, and a memory clock of 1848MHz. The memory interface will be 384-bit and the card will have 1536MB of RAM and a 250W TDP. The card will sell for $499, which is typical for a new high-end card.

The GTX 470 sports a core clock of 607MHz, shader clock of 1215MHz, and a memory clock of 1674MHz. The card will have a 320-bit memory interface and 1280MB of RAM. The TDP is said to be 225W and the card will sell for $349.

Initial benchmarks has shown that GTX 480 and GTX 470 are at least 5 to 10 percent faster than their ATI HD 5850 and ATI HD 5870 counterparts.

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sadly, more games are in

sadly, more games are in production, or out that will use dx 11. than there are games that use dx 10. off the top of my head I can think of 3 games already out using dx 11. battle field bad company 2, the new AVP game, and Metro 2033


 Interesting and cool, I wonder what games will actually incorporate the new DX11. Lol, it was only I think 2 or 4 years ago when DX10 was just released. But damn, now there's DX11.

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