GTA V is coming to PC... finally

One of the biggest pieces of news for PC gamers at E3 this year - despite us being barely into Day one - is that GTA V is finally coming to PC. Yes, heading towards a year after its release on Xbox 360 and PS3, Rockstar's latest seminal title, GTA V, is set for release on the platform which birthed the franchise, right alongside the Xbox One and PS4.

It's not just going to be a quick port job though, there's a reason Rockstar has taken its time - apparently. According to its announcement there will be "across the board graphical and technical improvements," including increased draw distance, better textures, more traffic and a higher resolution to play with.

Other new features include an update to the weather system, which should bring some much more varied day to day changes, as well as better detailed storms. New wildlife will show up too, giving you new hunting opportunities and better damage effects on vehicles to give a much better sense of reality in the already detailed open world game.

These new features will also be present in GTA online, where all of the standard features will continue to be present, including the ability to level up and move through the criminal ranks, whilst completing jobs, buying properties, vehicles and character perks and competing in competitive modes.

In a nice twist on the usual money grabbing formula, Rockstar will also be including all additional DLC features in the base version of the game, with extra weapons, vehicles, properties and jobs to take part in coming as standard, though more additions to the game can be expected in the months following its release.

There will also be a new movie maker function for uploading your favourite moments online.

Expect GTA V to be released for PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime this fall, with more information coming later today.

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I don't expect much.

I don't expect much from this game. I haven't played it yet or seen it live, only on internet video, just the trailers, no gameplay vids (wanna be surprised), I'm still waiting for PC release of the game. As I said, I'm wary. Don't expect much from game developers nowadays that release buggy code, make us wait a year (cause I'm a thief after all) and then expect us pay good money for shoddy products. Gonna wait for the PC reviews and screenshots. GTA4 needed like seven patches, and it still is kinda crappily coded.

PC! Finally. But...

...after the (buggy) release of gta4, I know i won't expect much from this release (in terms of stability), though I'm happy it's coming... even more if they surprise us with a stable release. Although when it's finally released, it will be almost a year since first launch, so it's gonna be priced probably around $39.99. I know I won't buy it on day one, I'm wary about it's release state. I'll wait for the reviews and comments regarding it's stability. But again I'm happy it's finally been announced.


i look forward to pirating it. Thanks for taking a YEAR to do this. Can't really go to my friends and say..oh **** man, this game is awesome....because...yyyyaaaaaaa they already beat it by now.


i look forward to pirating it. Thanks for taking a YEAR to do this. Can't really go to my friends and say..oh **** man, this game is awesome....because...yyyyaaaaaaa they already beat it by now.


Since you're willing to dismiss the game based on reviews, can you explain your reason for not wanting to play it? just curious, because you are missing out on a pretty special game (it's not perfect and the story isn't as good as GTA IV but still worth playing)

1 because too much profanity

1 because too much profanity just gets annoying. different taste. same reason why I don't like high-rated movies like goodfellas. Gta3 felt ok because it was mostly implied and not explicit, which made for some witty writing. 2 because gameplay is either way too easy to the point of being an interactive movie (so no replay value in most new games these days; there's nothing dynamic about the heists as was claimed, they're just scripted), or some points suddenly get too hard like in gta3 you would keep insta-dying at the very end of a 15-minute mission and repeat the busy-work and go back to a checkpoint to repeat the boring busywork over and over.

About time

Its about time,sadly it will be a freaking FFing port from Xcrabbox360 to Xcrab box1 to PC so it wont be pretty(again) and read dead wont be released,only hope is they will go with a new one and a PC version this time,but knowing fuckstar i wouldn hold my breath. btw it gone cost prob 50-60 eur so thats 50-60 eur to much for it ;)

The thing about ports is that

The thing about ports is that now we can expect better quality from them. Last gen consoles each had their own different architectures, now they're both boxed PCs running customized OS's, so yea this game is a port but it will show us what to expect from ports from now on. Fingers crossed...

No thanks

Game was way too vulgar, racist, violent, sexual, and lacked any kind of decency. I thought it would be fun and maybe a bit racey but it was so bad I had to play it on mute in my bedroom because of fear of my little ones seeing or hearing it. GTA is normally a fun game but this past one ruined it with the cussing and sexual nature... that should have been optional not mandatory. No one cares to see some trashy trailer trash screw just to hear the n word every other second. If that's the future of GTA or gaming ... God help us and the future generations/leaders.

Well, ***** content is for adults

You really expected GTA to be kid friendly? The MA or R rating depending on your region didn't ring any alarm bells? ***** content is made for adults, just because your young one might have seen it is no reason for toning down anything. Another poster has it right, shooting killing and criminal activity is OK, but not sex or swearing - you have a strange and disturbing view on parenting.

"***** content is made for

"***** content is made for adults" - nonononono, that's where you and 95% of kids around the world make a mistake. ***** content is not for adults, it's for kids who want to show off or feel like they're adults. If you look at actual adults playing games you'll see that very few games are actually considered *****, because the person is already an ***** there is no need to seem like one and fun becomes the only thing that matters in games.

WTF are you on about?

So you'd let your kids play GTAIV then? You can ramble on with whatever psychobabble you like but if you're expecting games with MA or R ratings to be kid friendly then you're an imbecile.

Brown people are the only

Brown people are the only ones with racism and rascal profiling and so on, but when they say white boy or cracker its nothing but as soon as they are called *****(r) its like the end of the world....this is a two way street and not a one way stream. As long as there is a single traffic on that road there will be one more.

First time ever playing an M

First time ever playing an M rated game or something? Ever heard of Postal 2? Duke Nukem 3D maybe? Those two alone are just as vulgar, racist, violent and sexual yet are timeless classics. Rude games that push the envelope have been around a lot longer than GTA 5. And we all know that Rockstar Games is pretty good at pushing the envelope, Hot Coffee anyone ;-)

SWEET! Can't wait!

1.) Have you ever been to a major city in the US? 2.) Have you ever played a GTA game before this iteration? (if so, what did you expect?) and 3. Now that it will be out on PC you can be the guy who mods it into the Care Bears realm if you's now going to be open, modifiable, how can that be bad? PC all the way, btw!

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