Halo 4 Leaked Nearly Three Weeks Ahead Of Launch

Nearly three weeks away from its official launch, hackers have managed to leak a fully working version of Halo 4, including both single player and multiplayer discs.

The game’s image is already available on several P2P file sharing networks. It is approximately 8.1 GB in size and it can be burned on a single dual layer DVD to be played on any modified Xbox 360.

Microsoft have already acknowledged the leak and announced that they “are working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation.”

If you plan to try the leaked Halo 4 image, keep in mind that playing a leaked game before its release date might get your console permanently banned from Xbox LIVE.

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wow somebody should get their booty kicked !

Don`t haven an Xbox. I dont get on with consoles, hate the game pads. anyways thats a pretty big leak. microsoft must be fuming. cant imagine they`ll lose much trade though, halo is a game that sells ker-zillions because of online no ? i played the first on pc but then i`ve been frozen out. I still don`t understand exclusive platforms. limits the market for sales surely ?

fact is its the game

Beta or not it would still be the finished product... just like a demo..they say..ooh it's Not the final product but the graphics never change from a demo that is released even 1 month Ahead.. wonder if there is a review from a user somewhere? I'm keen to buy it anyway... but if It's no good.. same old graphics.. I will return it. I'm in it for the single player experience. Pirating won't stop until game prices come down..

playing it now

read about it went to Gamestop bought a 360 modded it and I'm playing the **** out of it till I'm banned returning the Xbox for full price and doing it again if need be.

Well, explain to me exactly

Well, explain to me exactly what I'm missing here then. When I was big into the media hacking scene ten years ago this sort of thing was seen as dishonest and petty, but who know, maybe standards have been lowered since then.


hackers or not, u shud thank them for this early gamez i expect more leaks, since this means someone from the *inside* is working with the pirates. hopefully someone that can bring more gamez.

If they didnt spend years

If they didnt spend years producing a pile of ****, we might buy it.................................. Thank gawd for p2p otherwise id be left with a pile of worthless uninteresting discs... If it's good ill buy it maybe kinda not really... the deciding factor in all my game purchases is a required unique key for mp... As for movies I dont even bother downloading them as they are always sparkly piles of freshly extruded **** same goes for music industry.... I HAVE A DREAM! that mlk's dirty deeds are made public and a world where all information is FREE and OPEN. praisington ...............................................................what say u to this mumbo jumbo

I want to try this hamburger

I want to try this hamburger you've made, but I might not like it. So how about you give it to me for free now, I'll eat it, and if it was really, really good I might come back and pay for it in a few months if you've drop the price 80% - or I might not, because it's not like I'll need to eat the same one AGAIN. That's fair, right? Most burgers are **** anyway, I probably never would have bought it in the first place!


They did not take a hard copy. That's the official game CD. We do not have a case cover yet. We will start CD production around a week before release. Which will give us time to distribute it to games stores within a week. The game was stolen from a beta server.


A hard copy is a physical copy dumbass. Game manufacturing starts about 3-6 weeks before release, because it takes at least 3 weeks to reach all the distro centers which than sends out to all the stores, I also HIGHLY doubt you are a MS employee because MS employee's wouldn't be stupid enough to post on megagames. Clearly you are a massive idiot on a larger scale than one could comprehend in a life time. The game was also not jacked from a beta server, because a beta server would not house single & multiplayer dvd clones, its all physical version discs that get swapped around the office. Dumbass.

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