Halo 4 is Microsoft's Most Expensive Game Ever

Halo 4

According to Microsoft, its upcoming Halo sequel, Halo 4, has been the most expensive game ever developed - as well as being the first game in the multi-billion dollar franchise to not be developed by Bungie.

According to Microsoft Studios head, Phil Spencer, Halo 4 is the "most important entertainment product in the company." He didn't go into actual dollar figures, but apparently compared to previous Microsoft game investments, he said that: "Nothing's even close."

Confirmed as releasing on November 6th, Halo 4 is the first time gamers have had the chance to continue Master Chief's ongoing story in over five years. It will make use of the traditional Halo FPS style, and will see the protagonist and a COOP buddy if wanted, land on a Forerunner planet named Requiem. Cortana who is ageing beyond the lifespan of a traditional AI will become a large plot element as her conciousness is tested.

Halo 4 will also be the part of a Reclamation trilogy of Halo games. Microsoft and developer 343 Industries have said that Halo 5 is set to have a much darker storyline, before being concluded in Halo 6.

Microsoft has announced also that it plans to release DLC for the upcoming game, in the form of three distinct map packs.

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Wow the game did even sell

Wow the game did even sell one copy yet and it got dlc already wtf is with these games. Good old days where consoles wore only met to play games and no addon bs. And now they have junk that I never use. O well at least someone might.


How so expensive ? It`s an FPS. Shooty Mc Bang and cutscenes. Is there even any single player campaigns ? Someone got a big Bung(ie) on this one.

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