Hi5 Boss: Facebook Social Games Dominance Is Bullsh-t

WildTangent founder, DirectX co-creator and Hi5 boss, Alex St John told Social Games Summit audience that it is ridiculous to say that Facebook has dominated online social networking.

"I've never heard so much bullsh*t in my life," was Alex's own words. "You come to the UK and you have Runescape saying 'what the f--- is Facebook? We have 300 million users."

"What kills me is games go viral - Club Penguin, Runescape - completely on their own, often with not very sophisticated business models."

"The amount of money that's being made on social games is actually pretty tiny compared to the general online basis. The internet is unequivocally the open dominant place where money is flowing on an enormous scale."

"Tell me what the difference is between Club Penguin that has 50m subs on its own and no VC funding and a game that needs Facebook and VC funding to get going."

"There's some real value to some of the new things discovered with social networking that could really help the games industry, but nobody needs that sh*t."

Still, there is no arguing that some games have grown dependent on Facebook. "The interesting phenomenon is the games that can't make on it their own without social network infrastructure... Zynga can't steal its audience from Facebook to save its live."

"Little game companies don't have 20 million email address lists and a marketing platform. Facebook gave you a free email list and marketing platform. Of course it worked."

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Are you guys stupid or what?? -.-

He created he directX Graphichs plataform driver which makes him a genious in computer graphics...almost every application on a pc that requires a video card needs to have this aplication working correctly...so im guessing that Alex St John isnt as ignorant as almost everybody here is saying he is, right?
grow up and try to read and google some more info before you just post stupid comments like those again...

what's hi5?

4 da records, FB is mostly known in the USA, kinda like myspace, Hi5 is known world wide. The american ignorance just makes me laugh, u ask them about anything outsude the US and they have no clue...


To be fair, Facebook has made a lot of claims that are abscure.

I think he's just saying what every developer (excluding fb devs) are thinking.

FB games are terrible. Let's face it. In fact a lot of webbased (browser based) games are terrible.

I think his delivery on the main message (theres more to online gaming then facebook games) was delivered poorly and offensivly.

His main message also indicated that non-facebook games can be successful if they are actually "good games" (runescape and others) where as facebook games can be utter crap and still achieve success because facebook gives the game devs the ability to spam fb users (which is annoying as hell).

So, I think this guy just needs to work on his delivery a bit and maybe some og you will see what hes actually saying.

FTR: Hi5 is a social network like facebook and is relativly successful although not as large obviously. Being a co-creator of directX is HUGE and should not be dismissed from his credentials. Also being the founder of Wildtangent give him credibility as well as someone who knows how to run a web based business.

Views and opinions of Mr St John

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PS Facebook fuck off the ads cos they all spam and fuck up everything.


That was as intelligent as a Dog turd in the hot sun, Congrats! you have shown the world your MAX potential as a useful human being. You can go back to ass raping your sister and mother now...

Umm, the guy about this post is a *******

Yes, because creating DirectX leaves him in a position to not have a good opinion. Have you ever played the shitty games on Facebook? The type of gameplay that those games are trying to sell to consumers is completely useless outside of the business model of a social network. The are pointless advertising schemes where you trade useless shit back and forth and it all amounts to nothing. Not that I like wild tangent, but at least the games that they are are of legitimate games with a purpose of being fun. But yeah, who's ever heard of DirectX, god this guy must be an idiot right?


Uh, you just reinforced what the guy was saying! If you ACTUALLY read the article, you would see he was trashing the Facebook games, and stating only BECAUSE of Facebook, were they successful. And BTW dipshit, if you played a game on a windows platform in the last.. say 8+ years, you were playing it using the DirectX API platform. But who's ever heard of it right? Anyone who knows gaming on PC. So STFU intil you grow up and KNOW what you're talking about!

he helped(key word there

he helped(key word there create direct X, the first one remeber we're on 11 now I doubt much of his influence on it is still around. also direct x was nothing new... its a graphics api those where around long before. ever heard of open gl? probably not but I bet you've played many games that use it instead of direct x. and no, I have never played facebook games I stay away from that hell hole, and no, wild tangets games are not the purpase of being fun, they are to make money there are adds for them, hense the spyware. what ever this man once was and did he is no more. he is simpyl a wash up, bitching that his shitty product(hi 5) can't compeat with a better (in a sad sad way) product.

he's just ******** because

he's just bitching because facebook is more popular than anything he's ever done this guy is a fucknut, and a serious one. anyone ever download any wild tangent games then have them instal spyware on you? then later have him defend it because "its not spyware its only seeing what you do so we can make a better product" >> fat ass needs to lay off the Twinkies then maybe he can think straight

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