Homeworld Devs Release new Hardware Shipbreakers Trailer

We're still in the heavy concept stage of development with the free to play, social RTS, Hardware: Shipbreakers, but what we've seen so far looks very impressive and this new trailer showing off the capabilities of the Baserunner vehicle, is no exception.

We're told of the impressive history of the Baserunner mothership on wheels, how it served with distinction throughout a variety of different military campaigns but ultimately seemed likely to serve out its remaining days as a farmers tool or as a scrap hauler. However that changed when new resources were discovered on a new world and the Baserunner has been brought back into action for us to make use of.

We still don't know much about the gameplay for Hardware, but the trailers are exciting and the idea of the title is intriguing. Players will salvage old starships for cash in a dusty, desert world, using RTS mechanics to manage their forces and working with and against other players thanks to social features.

As long as it doesn't integrate the immersion breaking Facebook, I'll be happy.

It's also coming from a load of ex-Homeworld developers, who formed the new developer, BlackBird Interactive in order to make this game.

It's been a long time since a new RTS really captured the imagination of gamers. It'll be great to see if this one can do it.

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RTS, good. Made by homeworld

RTS, good. Made by homeworld devs, really good. Social RTS, uuuuugh. As the article says, I certainly hope facebook is not a part of this game, along with twitter and other social network ****. Immersion is all about feeling like you're a part of the story, if you shove real life in it it breaks immersion big time. Other people are acceptable so long as they're also playing.

Typical negative megagames

Typical negative megagames comments. An RTS from the dev of homeworld is a good news, the lightning from the trailer is amazing and if you don't like it you can print the current page 50 times, stick it all together, roll it like a fresh newspaper and shove it up your fat lamer *****.

Now what?

I ran out of paper you dolt. Anyone have any tape I can "borrow"? Just because someone doesn't agree with your perspective or opinion about something doesn't make them a troll.

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