How about a $250,000 SimyCity Clone, That Plays Offline?

Did you pre-order SimCity? Are you fed up with not being able to connect? Do you wish you'd torrented it or bought something else instead? Well there is another option. A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched called Civitas, which purports to offer a lot of the features people feel are missing from the latest EA/Maxis offering.

The top of the Kickstarter boldly lists these claims:

Moddable, Community Driven, DRM Free and Single/Multi Player gaming. The latter two have been some of the biggest complaints of the new SimCity, since it uses always on DRM, thereby making the single player experience require an internet connection. Other features of Civitas include the ability to terraform the land, build structures, manage all aspects of the city (including transportation, utilities, emergency management, natural resources and commerce) and grow your city into a metropolis.

Some requested features from the community of the thousand + backers, have also been implemented, including: Custom/curved roads, meaning you can setup your road networks however you like. Public transportation will also be included: buses, monorails, trains etc. There will also be a save feature so that if you want, you can wreck your city and then simply reload it afterwards.

The way this was described, sees the developer taking a swing at the new SimCity: "Our game is not online only, you will have local saves, and can save and reload your city at any time. HAVE FUN WITH IT! Why would anyone remove this feature?"

The team behind it are a new startup, with experience making games like Borderlands 2, Mortal Komba, Quake 4, F.E.A.R and a lot of mobile games. In total they're looking for $250,000. The campaign has been going for a few days now and its so far reached $35,000.

If you want to help out, click here to read more about it.

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People are so gullible, Every game has things every player wish it did have. That's what Expansions are for, Hell some game companies (won't name names but seen it first hand) Have content already created, but feel the game is big enough already, and they leave it out of the game just for the purpose of quickly making another expansion or dlc. Easy quarterly earnings. It's standard now though, so ppl ******* themselves wanting a new game, already have what they want in the game, it just has been released yet. Kickstarter is for Crybabies though, seriously-get a job.

I completely agree with you,

I completely agree with you, and the whole kickstarter thing is such a scam sometimes. Remember Paul Romney kickstarter game? Guy wanted like 100k to create the game, and lol... he used stencyl engine... took one of the example games, and just reskinned the sprites... oh got to love kickstarter.


As much as I would like to play I won't buy it cause of their DRM ****. Gaming is getting worse and worse everyday, companies just want to control when and how you play for a game you rightfully bought. Proud to say I haven't bought any game from EA since 2011 and I will keep doing so, no matter the games they release.


You know steam can block you from playing games you've bought? Called VAC, it will ban you from online and even offline play, also there are times whenrandomly they remove a game from your library onaccident, which takes the authentications away? You know valve has completely sold out and allows DRM games? And that from some fault to steam, dome people can't even turn offline mode on (myself included)

You can't blame them for

You can't blame them for fighting piracy in their own way, and origin isn't the only service out there that has faults. I remember Ubisoft authentication servers went down once for a solid week... no one could play any Ubi title period. There's also Sony, I remember they had something similar happen as well. You can't boycott one company, because you will have to boycott every company in the end, and give up gaming because you are too stubborn. Since games are becoming closer and closer to becoming completely digital bought, that just means you will be buying a virtual licence to own that product. So eventually your stubbornness will end your entertainment for gaming.

Deal! Guy

I don't blame them for fighting piracy but I DO blame them for doing it the wrong way, I mentioned only EA in my first comment true. Maybe I should have also said I didn't buy every other retail game that requires a steam / origin / uplay to install. For the past 2 years I backed a lot from gaming mostly cause of the client system, the last one was Skyrim which I preordered 2 months before release and even if that requires steam I'm using the crack to this day, free from all the steam crap. I've been buying indie and drm free games such as Witcher 2, Torchlight 2, Legend of Grimrock just to name a few and I'm still having FUN. I'll surely be missing many good games but if I buy them I'll simply be supporting their junk and sorry to disappoint you friend, my stubborness will hardly end my entertainment, there are alternatives you just have to look out for it.

Yes, you can blame them.

Yes, you can blame them. Papers have already been published that show people who pirate games are more likely to buy games. Games with DRM/extra security measures are more likely to get pirated. These corporations trying to fight piracy are doing it solely because their CEOs want to keep buying 777 jets for each of their pets, instead of the 767. The idea that the amount of times a game has been pirated can be converted to profit had had pirating been nullified is ridiculous. And this is the idea behind all DRMs. Moreover, I own zero games that require steam to play. Simply because, early on I found it a very stupid idea I must fire up some program to run my games. Guess I bet my money on the right side. Latest entertainment ? PoE; Supporting them with microtransactions.

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