Intel Abandons Discrete Graphics For The Near Future

When Intel announced the cancelation of their first Larrabee discrete graphics accelerator (graphics card), they hinted that another version might be released later, but a blog post by Intel's director of product and technology media relations, Bill Kircos, indicates otherwise.

"We will not bring a discrete graphics product to market," Kircos put it blatantly, "at least in the short-term."

Kircos admitted that Intel has "missed some key product milestones" in the development of Larrabee, and said that the company's graphics division is now "focused on processor graphics."

Kircos' statement is in line with another one made by Intel's CEO Paul Otellini at a Q&A session at Intel's investors' conference in Santa Clara earlier this month. Otellini told the attendants that Intel has removed Larrabee from its roadmap for the next few years, but not forever since they believe that "it still has very high promise in areas of throughput-computing, and in terms of a general reprogrammable graphics engine using small IA cores, we still like the idea."

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Thank you for being the first person I've seen in the last six months that knew when to use the word "discrete" instead of "discreet".

Amd coming back?

 Its no surprise this has happened, Amd now has more ground, with Larrabee outta the way, amd can now focus on making better Cpu's with better graphics and we all know Amd's or shall i say "Ati's" graphics cards would simply laugh at anything Intel could conjure up. I'm just waiting for Amd's Bulldozer aka "Orochi", the newest Amd X6 1090T is a very cost effective Cpu currently available, capable of out performing the i7 920 :P  

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