Just Cause Director: Fewer AAA Titles Will Be Released On Next-Gen Consoles

Avalanche Studio creative director, Stefan Ljungqvist, believes that fewer triple-A titles will be released on next-gen consoles.

"I don't think big-budget games are going away. There's going to be less of them. But that's a good thing, because maybe we don't need 40 first-person shooters. I don't want to play them all, but maybe we need one, two or three."

"What I like now is that there are more opportunities to be creative," he added. "Maybe over the course of the past five years, developers have pitched creative or more artistic games, but publishers had been more careful of betting a lot on those games, because they're associated with some risk. But maybe now they can [take more risks] because they need to be more unique in the marketplace."

Avalanche Studio is known for its open world action adventure game series, Just Cause.

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lol he is the most retarted freak ever,quote: we should have only 2-3 games i don t wanna buy em all ,LOLOL so all u want is COD, BF3 and what ? D3 ? you go ahead buy only those games retarted freak before posting anything on a popular website, beside u dont "HAVE" to buy em all retarted idiot


You really need to learn how to interpret text. You're taking everything at face value and making yourself seem like the true "retarded idiot"

I'd like to believe that the

I'd like to believe that the contrary to this statement would be more likely. ---------- The resurgence of indie developers will mean that there will be more software houses opening up across the globe and that some of these won't fall into the trap of being swallowed up by bigger, restrictive, publishers. Who knows, it may even be a case that the older developers who were swallowed up by big publishers may form new software houses and bring us the games they wanted to create. ------- I would estimate that by the time the PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox are nearing the end of their lives (say 3 to 4 years near) these software houses, mostly the indie's, would have developed and honed their skills and will be creating much more stunning and enjoyable titles. and i also believe that there will be more scope for these software houses to publish their own titles without the need of large publishers to back the costs (with the exception of costs to release games on consoles) as the internet will provide a greater level of publishing freedom. ------------------- I know it's a long time to wait but remember, when the original Playstation was released, there were a lot of developers who had honed their skills on the older consoles or computer systems (Sega Megadrive, Super Nintendo, Commadore Amiga, Atari ST etc.) and those software houses were really coming into their own during the mid term of the original Playstations' life. ------ Who knows really but i think that may be the case.

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