Kinect Might Cause Xbox 360 To Fail And RROD

The BBC has received several complaints from Xbox 360 owners whose consoles malfunctioned after using Kinect for a brief period.

"We plugged it in the day we got it but only played it a few times before we got the red lights. The next day when we tried it again we still had the red rings of death and haven't been able to use it since," ten-year old Adam Winnifrith told BBC Radio 4's You and Yours.

The aforementioned red lights are the famous Red Lights Of Death (RROD) which plagued the Xbox 360 at launch and were supposedly fixed after Microsoft spent more than a billion dollars to repair and replace affected consoles as well as redesigning new consoles to avoid the overheating problems which caused the RROD.

Microsoft has responded to the BBC's report, insisting that the Kinect had been "designed to work with every Xbox 360 sold to date," and that "There is no correlation between the three flashing red lights error and Kinect. Any new instances of the three flashing red lights error are merely coincidental."

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it could be that people who have not run their xbox for so long suddenly started it up because something new finally came out. not just some "new" game, but a whole new idea behind games and control.

these long dormant xbox, now receiving alot of attention finally broke down and succumbed to the RROD. so no, it's not a coincidence at all.

Common Sense

The Kinect is obviously putting more load on the PSU causing more heat due to USB power draw. The RROD is caused by crappy heat sink mounts & poor thermal paste. Just google RROD repair & you will find that you can replace flimsey heat sink mounts with screws that will prevent the chips from breaking the solder. PERFORM THIS UPGRADE BEFORE RROD. This combined with artic silver & your xbox will never get hot.


Yes, great idea, stick a PC inside an xbox. You are so knowledgeable that I believe this method was created by no one other than yourself. Genius...



firmware hack and softmode is the cause of red ring dead not kinect????

Firmware Hack and xbox elite = red ring dead for most users not kinect ??? wath a supid idead ???


After owning 2 xbox 360's and having all of my friends have the same problem we have all decided to NEVER EVER go with microsofts crap and have moved on the the better PLAYSTATION 3 which has served me very well.

MICROSOFT owes consumers BIG TIME! stop passing the BUCK
and blaming us for your consoles failure.

I wish they'd get a statement

I wish they'd get a statement from someone over 17 at least, not from a 10 years old.

They never said anything about which version of the console was used, which renders this article close to useless.


That's just as informative as this article.

Doesn't matter dummy.

The article says MS stated Kinect was designed to work w/every version of their shitbox. Maybe the RROD is not 'cuzza Kinect, but it's definitely 'cuz the Xbox, like all consoles, are pieces of shit.

Shit is what MS does best. Making it, not cleaning it. They fuck up & then blame everyone else. Bet they couldn't even design a poop scoop properly.

It does matter dummy

As usual, some kid with a lot to say and little knowledge to back it up.

How do you solve a problem on a composite system (a system with lots of different parts)? One method is by taking it apart and testing each component separately to find out which one is faulty. If we can't do that (consumers) then there's another way. It's not as accurate, sure, but it works well. That would be by comparing similar systems (if such systems are available).

Now then, the different versions of the xbox don't all have the same components so by comparing failures between them and using some statistics one can define which versions are the most affected (that if all of them are), or which versions are not (again, if any of them are not), based on comparisons between the systems (what are the different components between them) one can also infer which components are most likely the cause or at least which components are not the cause.

Really, saying a bunch of baseless stuff gets you nowhere 'cuzza' no one takes you seriously if you do.


hmm xboxs most common fault . It aint the kinect thats causing it, its the fact that microsoft have used cheap chips, cheap boards and crappy heatsinks on the boards. The more graphicly advanced the games are getting the faster the gpu/cpu heats up and warps the main board. Once this board heats up it warps slightly causeing the pins on the graphics an cpu to break away from the board, therefor giving you a hardware fault ie, red ring of death. If its under warrinty get microsoft to fix it if it aint goto your local pc reapir shop , itll cost £25 to repair this..

XBox repair guy....


you know someone is a good writer when they type something like: "The aforementioned red lights are the famous Red Lights Of Death (RROD)"


It's more accurate to say "red lights of death" rather than "red ring of death" because 75% of a circle is not a circle. It is not a ring of lights.


It's funny how everybody thinks every language apart the from asian/eastern dialect pronounces R's like L's. In fact english is one of the few languages (if not the only language) that DOES separate the two distinctively. Hence it might as well not be *asian*.

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