Konami Gets Skullgirlls Delisted From PSN And XBL

After finding no other way around the fact that Konami was holding off Skullgirls patches, developer Lab Zero Games terminated its business relationship with the publisher last month. This move aimed to streamline the game's updates, but it seems that is has backfired as Konami is having the game delisted from Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

According to Lab Zero design director Mike Zaimont, the studio had no clue regarding the delisting request filed by Konami until Sony informed them that the game is to be removed from PSN in December.

Lab Zero is currently working to get a new version of the games out in cooperation with their new publishing partner, Marvelous AQL. "If it doesn't [get approved], Skullgirls is going to disappear until everybody comes back from winter break," said Zaimont. "Sony's QA goes home on the 17th, which means we have to give this to them immediately."

The PC and Japanese versions of the game are unaffected.

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