Magrunners Dark Pulse Shows Portal Aliens In Space With Magnetism


Ok so Magrunners obviously borrows a lot from Valve's Portal. And yes, it also borrows from the Lovecraftian way of looking at horrible space dimensional beasts, but who doesn't like the idea of combining these two elements? The best part of the Portal games was when you went off the reservation, looking behind the veil of the testing facility. This game looks packed full of that stuff.

Developed by Frogwares - the company behind the Sherlock Holmes point and click games - and published by Focus Home Interactive, the game looks pretty good. Aesthetically it's pretty and has nice bright colours in the main test-like-chambers. The monsters/aliens aren't quite as impressive, but they do the job well enough it seems.

To give us an idea of what the game will look like when released, a new trailer debuted today showing off some in-game footage (see below). Along with the gameplay though, we also get a bit of the story, which tells of how Magrunners, "mentally and physically talented individuals," are tested and trained in a new facility, which inadvertently gets attacked and invaded by tentacle wielding and (presumably) dimension jumping aliens. These creatures warp the facility into something very different indeed.

Set for release on Xbox, PS3 and PC sometime this year, Magrunners looks to be an interesting title and certainly something a bit different from Frogwares. What do you guys think of how it's shaping up?

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Wow, this is a totally shameless rip-off of Half-Life & Portal. All these guys have done is combine Half-Life with Portal & call it a game. Which is what Valve should've been doing with HL3, but who knows WTF they're doing besides dicking around with another dumb **** retarded console that's a waste of time & money. **** you Valve, now if you make HL-3 the way it should've been made, someone beat you to it.


This is a total rip off !! Designers have no new ideas any more...they just keep rehashing old **** with a few new tweaks. THINK OF SOMETHING INNOVATIVE for a change ! I'll pirate it ! haha....maybe

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