Mario Kart 8 gets new live-action trailers

Mario Kart 8 is just around the corner and along with Smash Bros for the Wii U set for release later this year, Nintendo has all of its fingers and toes crossed that somehow Mario will save the day for it once again and turn around the horrible fortunes of its ill fated home console. To help increase the exposure of the game pre-release and to show off some of the game's newer items and features, the Japanese game maker has created some live action/gameplay mashup commercials.

In the upside down test, our actors and Mario show us a little more of the topsy turvy and vertical driving action we can expect in the final game. Combined with Mario Kart 7's paraglider, this should lead to some pretty out there level design.

The boomerang flower is a new addition, offering three shots to take out those in-front of you, but you'll need to be able to catch it when it returns, or it'll hit you too.

The Super Horn looks to be a purely defensive item, sending the projectiles of your enemies ricocheting away. A perfect-item for the first place racer, as it is even able to stop that dastardly blue shell from ruining your victory.

What do you guys think of the new trailers? Is Mario Kart likely to bring you back to Nintendo and buy a Wii U, or is it too little too late?

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It actually looks like a decent game, so I have to ask, WTF would I wanna play a decent game like MK8 when I could play an indecent game like Carmageddon: Reincarnation?

Shoulda been launch title

There is no way Nintendo is ever gonna catch up this life cycle. They are stubborn and dim witted when it comes to what there players want. Took them 2+ years to get one of there most sought after franchises to the system.. Nobody owns a wii-u anymore they ditched that **** soon as they figured out there estore was garbage, and there titles were worse. maybe next time youll bypass the gimmick and put some fricken power in your system to make it half *** viable

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