Microsoft Believes That Nobody Plays FPS On PC Anymore

While defending Kinect's applicability for First Person Shooter games, Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda made a bold claim that "hardly anyone" plays such games on the PC today.

"Halo did an awesome job of building a first-person shooter exclusively for the console, and now hardly anyone plays first-person shooters on the PC anymore," were Tsunoda's own words.

Tsunoda then explained that "if you think about the way that first-person shooters evolved, they started on the PC. People for the longest time tried to port shooters from the PC onto the console. And people said the same things that they are saying now about Kinect - 'It's never going to be responsive enough to do this,' or 'You're never going to get a fun first person shooter on the console' - it's only made for a keyboard and mouse and that is the way it is supposed to be played.'"

"And as long as everyone was just porting the existing shooters over to console, they weren't as fun as the PC ones. Of course, they were built for the PC."

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LOLOLOLOL FUNNIEST COMMENTS EVER IM LAUGHING MY ASSSS OFFFFFFFFFFF ill have to admit what that guy said is a pure joke so many ppl playing cod 4-5-6 badcompany2 on pc is that supposed to be hardly any ppl ????? how is 3 bllion ppl hardly any ppl ?


PC fps games arent dying stupid retarded ms. Stop clicking with your mouse on big tits and chubby whores. Try playing a pc game once for a while before craping out of your mouth.

Reality check

The reality is consoles have been trying to replace pc's but they are having a real hard time doing it. PC's are scalable and there is way more functionality than just gaming, hence people stick to it. Who is gonna cart their tv's and their consoles to a LAN party? The place FPS get enjoyed to the max. After the play-station 10 comes out, there will still be pc's. Higher spec pc's, but still a pc. People like customization and the only freedom you get with consoles are the ones they allow. Proprietary hardware monopolized by one company. FPS were originally created for pc's and maybe 20 years to come a console will eventually evolve into another pc. Is'nt this starting to happen already?

Pc vs Console...

Its just that Console ppl are retarded... When you fuck up console you go cry to your mom and everything is ok again in 7 days or so... Its just computer need brains... Ofc console is fun.. but... it will never own pc... simple..

kudo tsunoda is officially mad

wtf think kudo has spent too long stood in front of kinect must give out some kinda weird asss radiation which has obviously caused his brain to shrink. I love xbox dont get me wrong but hes talking out of his recharge socket if he really thinks pc fps is dead. theyd love that to be case so we all go down console route till eventually every game will be direct to tv once net is fast enough microsoft have long espoused idea of renting games and playing them over tinterweb in not too distant future. God save us when that day arrives.

The b0nem4n

this ENTIRE article reworded....

Hi we are Microsoft and we are incapable of making games to a PC standard. We can only make games to this crappy standard.
Microsoft needs to embrace PC gaming instead of shunning it. Microsoft needs to get in a naked mud wrestling match with Valve and learn everything they can from them.

eg. couldn't handle halo pc
eg. couldn't handle halo 2 pc
eg. couldn't handle gears of war 2
eg. couldn't handle Battlefield: Bad Company
eg. Halo: Reach can't handle decent frame rates
eg. couldn't handle free DLC (Valve)
eg. couldn't handle crysis
eg. couldn't handle games for windows live




I have not seen this many people comment on megagames in a long time. When Microsoft says dumb shit EVERYONE throws in the 2 cents. you cant keep pc gamers down, your little xbox 360 is already obsolete and has no dx10 or 11 graphics even. what ya gonna do when nvidia realeases that new monster video card they are all hyped out about? xbox is almost dead. halo reach does not even have better graphics than H3 all they did was try to actually detail the game this time, which they left so much shit bland in halo 3 especially those huge capital ships they look like a big grey piece of shit in halo 3.

give me

just give me my razer keyboard and mouse and ill show you pc fps games are dead lol microsoft please show any
console fps game with the feel of a pc fps shooter not sum half port from pc true fps games are on pc and please dont say halo faire its a good game but cum on it still does not feel like a fps sud

That guy is crazy!!

I'm just going to say this in my own languaje because it's the only way that I can express myself with the real force, meaning and angry...

Maldito idiota, cabeza de huevo, mojon de mierda, piazo de bruto animal, inepto, chavista boca abierta!! Se nota que no sabes unas mierda de nada, como se te ocurre decir esa barbaridad? acaso ESTAS LOCO?? debe ser que jugar con el control del xbox es mejor que usar el mouse y teclado o la cantidad larga y tendida de titulos de FPS para PC no la viste... verdad? Deberías suicidarte pana, no sabes nada de la vida, ni de consolas, ni mucho menos de PC's... antes de afirmar soberana estupidez preocúpate por leer mas o por lo menos hacer un par de encuestas... PAJUO!




Microsoft, typical all they see is money and how to promote their shit.

On topic:

Halo did an awesome job of building a first-person shooter EXCLUSIVELY for the CONSOLE. (oh really?)

As if the first 2 halo games weren't realeased for the PC.

mr Kudo should just stick a dick in his mouth and stop talking about things he doesn't know.


From time to time microsoft have made some claims that are nothing like the truth. Any one remember bill saying that u would only need 2gb of ram on a computer.. Lol... So has I see it they want to mold the market to consoles.. With time, microsoft will be only part of history.

The first consoles were home

The first consoles were home computers for the living room so show some respect. And the fps was born on the pc so show some love. I swear kids that play consoles but will hate on computers is like having someone hate their racial heritage and ancestory because the other kids told them that was the trendy thing to do. On average there are 1.2 pcs in each household in the states alone. The pc gamer isnt going away ever so like it or shut your faceholes. That or your too stupid or too poor to pc game or work a computer wich is totally ok, but tell the big mainstream gaming companys we are sick of dumbed down console ports :D Seriously though, current consoles are just dumbed down cheap computers anyway and the only reason they are getting more backing and marketing from devs is because they are cheap making them easily accessable so they can make more money off more people, and since piracy isnt as much of an issue with consoles they lose less money per copy. One day soon kids will learn to love the computer more... simply because everything is a godamn computer! What you think this shit works off magic?

LOL Again!

M$ needs to stay in the business of OSs.

PC video games excel over any console for the pure reason of PCs are highly hardware upgradable "On the fly" and will always take advantage of all the new features of add-on video cards, RAM, CMPs, etc (My opinion only).

Ported PC games to consoles are just very bland. The stories are there well, most of the time and contrary to M$, FPS playing on PCs is not rare.

Most people I know play FPSs on PCs NOT consoles.
Look at the new motherboards out there. They are for heavy multimedia apps- like video games.

Just a terrible statement from M$.

HOORAY for FPSers on PCs with mouse and keyboard!


I still play halo 1 and mohaa for pc, and I still see high numbers of people playing those games. Imagine including all the other fps pc games, also you have to include the people who buys the game and people who downloads the game from torrents with key and crack included lol.
Now add all those numbers and what did you get, a bunch of fucking people.
I think they counting only the people who buys the game legitimately, which is nobody, unless you got money to spend.

Microsoft thinks by having 1 million players playing halo reach on their console means that nobody else is playing pc. Get a reality check, whenever you get at least 11 million players like that life sucking world of warcraft, then you can talk all the shit you want.

I would play fps on console only if is campaign with a good story, but for multiplayer, that privilege goes only to the almighty keyboard and mouse.


Id play on a console, if i had a better internet connection. currently running 56k dial up because no company is wiring high speed out in my area. and due to the economy and me not having a good enough job, i cant really afford to move out of my parents house. the only way i can play vs others online is to pack up my gaming rig PC and head to my friends house for a weekend and play all night. playing online with consoles requires a high speed internet, so i see this as another person not caring about the struggling gamers. i don't care about consoles because consoles don't care about me, wheres the love? its in the cities where people use the internet for social networking and updating blogs (no offense to either) but if i had high speed, id be gaming every night til my arms fell off then id use my mind to frag another noob!

Like hell i Would!

Id be retarded to leave my PC, i mean I'd game on my PC but occasionally play a few good games on a console only if the online aspect was good. I put a good portion of money into my rig, like hell I'm going to let that investment go to waste and collect dust over a damn console. only console i play currently is my DS for the sake of boredom being away from my rig. or rarely, i dust off my ps2 or game cube to cure the itch of boredom. i say PC is forever, anyone who says differently is clearly blind to the gaming community.

Like hell i would!

Id be retarded to leave my PC, i mean I'd game on my PC but occasionally play a few good games on a console only if the online aspect was good. I put a good portion of money into my rig, like hell I'm going to let that investment go to waste and collect dust over a damn console. only console i play currently is my DS for the sake of boredom being away from my rig. or rarely, i dust off my ps2 or game cube to cure the itch of boredom. i say PC is forever, anyone who says differently is clearly blind to the gaming community.


PC FPS's and games in general are indeedly not NEARLY as popular as they once were, heck I'm willing to bet that console FPS's are selling better now, I bet me favorite hat on it!

Oh and to the guy who went "PC gamers are more evolved.".... Lawl.... Who dipped you in the ooze and turned you from a turtle to a ninja?

No Doubt.....

You can look at Left4Dead 2 on CrapBox and look at it on PC and its 2 different games. no most of you will say bs. but think about it why would they have patch the difficulty differently of each platform if it wasnt better and more control friendly on PC stead of Xbox. To top it off my DLC's for my PC version are free +custom maps. CrapBox, you are gonna pay if a mouse farts the wrong way.

Yeah it's sorta like a PC

They're basically turning it into a dummied down PC w/out the evolving, improving, upgradable hardware & w/far less capabilities. They had to make a keyboard & mouse for their little shitbox because it's just one more reason why the PC is better, & gaming on the PC is better. The only way an Xbox, or any console will touch a PC is when it is a full blown PC, and when that happens, it's no longer a console is it? Every game developer needs to get off the piracy trip now because consoles have all the same problems. I know people that don't own a single game for their consoles yet they got a bigger collection than anyone that actually pays for them.

New consoles happen because PC technology makes it necessary. Consoles don't push PCs to change, PCs push consoles to change. The newest shit happens on the PC first. It's the most widespread, most capable electronic machine in existence & it always will be. All a console is good for is playing a game, poorly, & maybe watching movies, maybe surfing the net. A PC is used for everything. Things that are far more demanding & important than any game ever will be & the technology to do those things hits us long before a console even gets a glimpse. When PC hardware ages to the point of complete obsolescence & otherwise worthlessness, it may find new life, with an original price tag inside a console.


FPS are my favorite games.I prefer the single player mode instead of the coop or multiplayer I do not play online games never had and never will...I stay away from those online krap..I only buy those games..

i could not agree more

i tryed fps games on the x box befor and i dont think there is big enouf letters to put the words FAIL in for how i play yet you give me the trackball i have and key board and ill split some eyelashes along with the muscle bone and tendons behind them. that guy likely was dropped on his head about 500 to many times for that statement research realy would of proved him rong on what he had say. i guess it realy gows to show just how desprate microsoft is geting to try to sell there xbox's.


Shooters will and all ways will be greater and better on the PC, even their precious halo is twice as good on the PC that it ever was on the console. The precision and ability that the PC keyboard and mouse brings is irreplaceable on that crappy console controller, so FUCK you Microsoft. There's tons of people who play PC shooters, your just to retarded to make them for the PC anymore to notice!

That's right.

When was the last time these fuckbuckets did anything that made any sense? They're getting scared because their pile of shit RROD machine is on its way out already & that is thanks to the PC. The candy-ass little Xbox can't do 3D & really, neither can the PS3, the only thing that can is a console kickin' PC. Games on these consoles look quite a bit shittier already than they do on the PC. They told everyone that Halo 2 was only being released for Vista because XP wouldn't allow the game to reach its full potential!!! Anyone buy that? Probably a few ding dongs went out & bought the shittiest OS ever produced by anyone anywhere just to run that game. Meanwhile, no other game before or since was Vista specific & how many years in the future are we & far superior games w/much newer, more advanced & more demanding technology are still running on XP, looking & playing better than anything on any console. How could an OS that consumes double the resources for its own operation run additional programs any better than XP? How is it that Halo 2 ran on the same console that the first one was made for but it couldn't run on the same PC OS as the first one did, even though the PC hardware is more advanced? This FPS bullshit is the same thing. HTF do you play a shooter w/Kinect? How do you move through the game? Every shooter designed for a console is way better on a PC just like all games are & always will be. Microsoft used something awesome in Halo 2 to sell a piece of shit, & they will try to use something awesome again (FPS's) to sell another piece of shit.


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