Microsoft Expects To Sell Another 25 Million Xbox 360 Units

Xbox One might be a few months away from launch, but that doesn’t mean that Microsoft is going to ditch Xbox 360. On the contrary, the company plans to sell another 25 million Xbox 360 units over the next five years.

"We believe over the next five years we can break a 100 million unit installed base," said Microsoft senior vice president of Interactive Entertainment Yusuf Mehdi. "That's something we're shooting for, it's not a financial plan as such, it's just rough numbers if you will. To sell another 25 million, half of those will probably come from replacements, but half will come from new buyers."

"And the way we'll break into those segments is by hitting new price points, getting new classes of entertainment to come with the Xbox, and breaking into new customer segments. So you'll see the Xbox 360 continue to exist, even as we launch the next generation Xbox One."

Earlier this week Microsoft Game Studios executive Phil Spencer teased that Microsoft will make a large Xbox 360-related announcement during E3 2013 and that that would support the platform for “years to come.”

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They're counting on the poor

They're counting on the poor buying last gen consoles when the prices plummet thanks to next gen being released. It might be somewhat wise of them to extend last gen support for a while longer. Rich or poor, it doesnt matter, money is money.

They saw what Sony did and

They saw what Sony did and won't end up ditching the predecessor. Sony was smart on that, wish game dev did the same. Once they have a new game they just let the old one stay the way it is and not fix or maintain anything.

Hail Satan

People like you are too stupid atm to realize it so I'll put it plainly, both (Sony and M$) are using the same AMD undercut junk designed to compete against ARM and Intel's Sandy Bitches. Supposedly the same junk is being used in said Motha Effin Next Gen consoles, which both companies claim are better than the previous gen. Yet ironically the supposed 8 core processors in both console are not even remotely comparable to Bulldozer and i7 which is incredibly sad, because you can build the fucking Xbox One and PS3 in PC hardware for less cost when they actually hit the market. Their selling us a fat one and there's faggots like you that will sadly end up buying it!


They're selling you an optimized gaming machine that can easily outperform any PC that shares the same specs. Funny how that's how it has always been and yet people like you fail to realize something so simple. PC's running direct x are limited to about 2000 draw calls per second (software limit) which keeps lower end gpus from choking and dying, the downside is that it holds back higher end gpus, so they never perform as fast as they could. Even if you ditch direct x and move on to linux/openGL you'll still be faced with a similar limitation. We can't have software that fries gpus, thats why the limit exists. It's not needed on consoles because they all have the same hardware (all consoles of the same brand/model) so devs can work with a single set of parameters/limits.


I give you props good sir, someone at least came up with a semi intelligent response to my op. I'm not too knee deep in the drivers or how they function across the broad spectrum, but similar restrictions can apply to consoles as well. Your looking at the argument from one sided angle, it's not a bad angle per say just one sided. As for OpenGL your completely wrong, GL is not a language like DX, GL is a wrapper a limitless wrapper that works around driver issues well at least on a Linux setup. You can in fact render trillions of polygons with triangle counts that rival DX, and why not, that is where M$ gets its entire shit list of upgrades. The level and depth of GL as a wrapper. To be more accurate DX pushes all rendering and load times direct onto the GPU where as GL is capable of doing the same with less time around on the post processing end. Pre-process in GL is pure software, but it is actually it major strength over DX as textures compressed or otherwise have not processing hit and thus GL can run faster and smoother without hitches. If software fries GPU's its MS and the GPU manufacturers fault, and a bit of the gamer devs as their all combinations of a shared umbrella. On consoles its not typically just about how software makes use of hardware, but because hardware is non changeable it also means its stream lined in order to fit a certain standard within a given budget. Some of the budget cuts are what people end up complaining about in the after market sales, as in HDD is too small or not enough RAM or shitty GPU.

If you want anyone to take

If you want anyone to take you seriously you need to get your use of "your" and "you're", "their" and "they're" right. No one listens to the 'teen + wikipedia' combo, nor should they. Have a nice day.


Tat is the gr8 thar Mate, I ferr ghet thee interwebbs theeese dayz is les infermed, yous mek a gr8 pointS i'LL re-member dat in duh FUTURE!!!!

Hale Satan, people like you

Hale Satan, people like you are too stupid to even understand what was being said. Nothing was said about the BS you're talking about, Sober up hoe. All it said was that....never mind a idiot can never understand, bye!!

For god sakes people like u

For god sakes people like u who say that I can build a ps4 , I can build the next xbox,-- are u having a game cd of the next versions of all the exclusives for the consoles at hand? U have the ps4 and xbx1 os with u ? ...if u look at an alienware , we can say we can build a better custom alternative cuz both the custom gaming rig as well as alienware have the same windows and the same common pc games version available so stop fucking making urself look dumber again and again .

So why are you even on here?

So why are you even on here? Pasting BS just makes you look like a cock, go play with your console trash that you used daddy's money to buy. I don't know if you noticed but Megagames has a nice wall of popular rigs, I personally favor the AT-AT setup who the eff wants a console that looks like record player. Yup we're only nerds here your on the wrong site (waves hands), nothing to see here move along.

Even am a hardcre pc gamer,

Even am a hardcre pc gamer, as well as a console gamer, just cuz u dnt like consoles, doesn't mean its shit, I agree the cores in the ps4 and xbx1 are weak, but what the fuck are u exactly going to do if the consoles had actually very high class performing cpus huh, after a year, it will get outclassed with another cpu, so u will keep buying new cpus and gpus? What u dnt have other commitments in life than game always? Fact of the matter u pc boys dont know how to appreciate things, where are u going to shove all that power up huh? ...I've seen even people talking abt the ps4 gpu being weak too and gddr5 has low latency, for god sakes, a pc runs windows , And it has to handle so many processes, unlike a console, its only job is to game, and the most important thing abt a console is this shiney box has exclusives, whether its a playstation or a xbox or a nintendo or sega, the exclusives is something u dnt get in a pc. That's why poeple buy, even in those who has a console, they can carry thr consoles to their friends home to play fifa or tekken or any multiplayer game, thats fun and a different experience, even the new playstation 3d dispay or the LG dual display that allows to see ur only player or car in split screen games, or the ps move games using a gun attachment, its fun, ....for god sakes the reason why dual gpus or supercharged exist is because when u play demanding games like crysis 3 or bf3 , in ultra settings and try to play tht in 3-5 displays called the eyefinity, u cnt use ur simple day to day graphics card, u need a high charged gpu for the task, ofcourse thats a good experience too but u cnt expect consoles to be so Costly having expensuve chipsets, sony and ms did The Right thing here , especially the Selection of a x86 cpu, hmm they could have selected A better core like bulldozer or more, but happy enough as long As We get the excluvies, and people tp all spec Comparison or game engine comparison , who Cares the fuck man...just play..believe me I know what am talking.,

Actually you are the stupid

Actually you are the stupid one sire. You see, no one gives a shit about anything you just said and the fact that you totally just revealed your ghey fanboyism, does your PC kiss you good night and tuck you in to? You act as if console owners don't have PC's, console gaming is fun as fuck, pc gaming is fun to. but i do enjoy my exclusive AAA titles that will never see the light of day on PC. Vice versa. Please clear your aspergers from this room, I think its starting to get contagious.

Oh you mean those titles you

Oh you mean those titles you find in Walmart's bargain bins? Jup you got me there AAA must be the new bar on low fat exclusives, I guess when your done BSing on online forums you waste several hours of your life on shit like COD. Cussing, pimping and nailing online fuckers eh? What was that about Aspergers you dumb cunt?


Don't you mean *milking* money off of these stupid gamers? Awe, I feel sad now. Wait... I don't have an $hitbox 360 - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Yet another person who doesn't see the bigger picture and the importance of having good grammar in a publication on a forum site, so let me break it down for ya, champ! The better the publication - the more people it will attract. More people means more site traffic, more site traffic means more ad revenue, more ad revenue money means better things for Megagames. Furthermore, if it weren't me that pointed out the quality of the publication it would have been someone else, but I'm seeing less of that on Megagames these day and I have a theory about this too: A lot of people have stopped trying to keep up the quality of this site because of assholes like yourself constantly chasing them off, less constructive criticism Megagames gets the more the quality of the publications and the site overall will slip. So in reality, people like yourself are doing more damage than good.


There was more than a single grammar error - complete words missing, which the editor has now corrected. Now I have no problem sharing this article on other numerous sites and post the link of the original author of the publication which in turn, will earn Megagames more money... Try seeing the bigger picture or better yet, use that brain you are supposed to use next time before blurting out some random BS...

It was not random I am jaust

It was not random I am jaust sayng that people who make douchbag comments abot grammar mistahes are assholes, and they annoy me more than thgose who make mistakes, you are probably right about stuff you said peron who makes article shoud make sure grammar is ok if they want everymone to take them seriously not just google translate people like me, and that is why I ignored my spellchecker.


I fail to see how they are assholes by correcting a publication which in turn brings more traffic and revenue. Now if I were arguing with people in the comments section about "their" spelling, then that could be considered a douchebag type of act considering that English might not be their native tongue in the first place. Furthermore, I did deliver the correction in grammar in a somewhat humorous manner, I have noticed that a lot people who often do point out missing words, spelling and/or an inaccurate publication end up taking a lot of flack for it, again, those people are trying to help - not the ones bitching about it between themselves (myself included) in the comments section. But I am glad we have found some middle ground on the subject...


I'm a cunt, now am I? Well non of that dismisses the spelling mistakes the editor has made. Or am I supposed to just idly stand by and let the quality of this forum slip?

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