Microsoft to introduce Armed Forces controller, header in October

Microsoft has announced its first new line of gaming peripherals for the Xbox One, offering a controller and headset each featuring a camouflage style paintjob. There's not much else to differentiate them other than that, but they're available for pre-order now and will be posted out to those that drop a few dollars reserving them in October.

"Get ready to own the battlefield with the new Xbox One Special Edition Armed Forces Wireless Controller and Stereo Headset," reads the Micorosft release before it goes on to list all of the features of the new peripherals:

"The controller and headset feature a modern camouflage pattern and military look," and... that's it.

The pre-order prices starting today for the US and Canada are $64.99 for the controller and $89.99 for the headset.

It's not clear at this time whether Microsoft worked with anyone on producing the headset, though chances are someone made it for it.

Can anyone guess who?

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Why does this type of ****

Why does this type of **** still happen. Getting this piece of **** controller and headset won't make you a better gamer, in fact with your overinflated ego you may become worse than you already are. look at russian gamers, they have to build their own xbox out of used tank parts and industrial solvent and they still "own ***" as they say. Throw off the chains of capitalist oppression and embrace your true heritage!


LOLOL,what a joke again, but hey kids go pre-prder it,microsoft want your money, for crap geez, and i dont need a headseat to own any off your *****, and for 90 bucks i get more then a crappy painted headphone! why ppl still buy this crap i dont know, but you all are beeing milked like the cows you are! have fun.

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